12 Most Effective Space saving Apartment Hacks

12 Most Effective Space saving Apartment Hacks

Making room to accommodate every object to have a clutter-free environment is an essential segment of home decor. Instead of stuffing all the favorite furnishings inside a unit for the sake of decorating, placing it aesthetically would reduce this clutter. On the other side making use of even smallest of available free space to accommodate anything would help in having an organized apartment unit. Without getting compromised on lodging your most favorite decors, here we would like to suggest some hacks that facilitate to house everything. These apartment Hacks can be implicated in any ready to occupy flats in Chennai to have a sleek look.

1. Make sure that the wall paint colors you choose are of light and neutral shades. This would serve as a great contrast to furniture and decor works.

2. Large bay windows act as a beautiful expansion of your apartment units. That is, exteriors of the unit would get merged with interiors by having large windows and hence making a room look big.

3. Placement of larger furnishings is believed to expand the space of a room. Hence opt for just two or three essential and large-sized furnishings that have multipurpose uses to evade from a cluttered look.

4. Pave navigation throughout the unit in similar colors. That is, opt for having same color shades for adjacent rooms and spaces. This technique would expand the space and an apartment unit looks uniform.  Follow this technique in case of choosing flooring color too.

5. Making use of multipurpose furniture and furnishings that can be folded when not used, are a sure shot space saver. Also, foldaway furniture can be shifted to any place where it is required.

6. In case of small rooms, prefer to use sofas and armchairs. These furnishings that are raised on wooden legs create a sense of free space and lightweight decors.

7. Placing modular shelves in rooms doesn’t mean that it has to be filled with any articles. Leave some of the cabinets free and it would make room for some spacious and dramatic feel.

8. Opt for bay windows with cabinets underneath, modular shelves with sliding doors and ottomans to hide things that are used frequently. These enclosures would give an immediate access and prevents clutter look.

9. These ottomans and bay windows can also be used as a seating space. Convert the bay windows into a seating space to enjoy a great evening by the window side. This would save up the need to have a separate seating arrangement in bedrooms. Already few of the builders of Chennai have adopted this technique and some 3 BHK apartments for sale in Chennai have attached bay window concept for their bedrooms.

10. Maintain same color theme for drapes and wall paints. Avoiding contrasting colors would open up the space of a room.

11. Choose drapes and curtain fabrics with small prints and plain colors. Having plain colored fabrics would create a unique theme which would visually expand the look of a room.

12. Placing an oversize mirror or a big decor article that reflects most of your apartment unit adds brightness. Eventually, a brighter room would appear to increase the size of a room.

As a general instruction, try to reduce the number of furnishings in your apartment unit. Instead, have the essential ones that could serve the purpose. This would ultimately end up having luxury flats in Chennai.

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