12 Surprising Indoor Plants to Put you to Sleep

12 Surprising Indoor Plants to Put you to Sleep

We all would have gone through the trauma of sleepless nights. The effort we try to put ourselves to sleep exceeds any other kind of frustration in life. Sleepless nights can induce a bad effect on our health, energy, productivity and thus life itself.

But who knew that plants could help us to go on a cosy slumber? More than making the living place look serene and green, they can bring on a good effect on our circadian rhythms to put you to sleep. Let us look at the indoor plants that can do this magic and let us bring them into our homes:

1. Serene Lavender:

The olfactory impact of lavender plant is mesmerizing, to say the least. Lavender brings down heart rate, stress levels and also the blood pressure. By reducing anxiety levels, the plants can help to provide a deeper state of slumber. Studies show that it also helps a crying baby to sleep fast.

2. Helpful snake plant:

Do not let the name fool you because this plant is more useful than being lethal. Also called Mother in law’s tongue, this plant enhances air quality inside the home. They are easy to care and give out pure oxygen at night to put you to sleep.  Common toxins that might be in a home like formaldehyde, benzene and tri-chloroethylene are removed by this wonderful species.

3. The immortal aloe vera:

Like a snake plant, even aloe vera works at night by taking in carbon dioxide and giving out fresh oxygen for us to breathe. Without the need for frequent caring, it needs less water and easy to maintain. It just needs natural sunlight to grow, so keep them near the windows. Another great perk is that the plant can be used to treat cuts, insect bites, dryness and minor burns. In my apartments in Pallavaram, I have the aloe vera near my bay window of the bedroom and it grows on its own without much care.

4. Budding jasmine plant:

Exotic in nature, jasmine plants have a charming fragrance and blossom as white, ivory or pink coloured buds.  They induce a subtle soothing effect in a home. These plants are proven to bring down anxiety levels, which in turn would help you to sleep like a baby.

5. Evergreen gardenia:

The glossy leaves and aromatic scent of the blossoms of this plant make it ideal to have on the nightstand. Delicate in nature, these plants are tough to care and need to be kept in a bright place rather than in the path of sunlight. Insomnia and anxiety patients can bring in these plants into the bedroom instead of opting for pills.

6. Sweet Valerian:

A summer flowering plant, this perennial plant blossoms out sweetly fragrant white or pink colour flowers. Used in perfumes in the earlier times, valerian roots are also added in tea. The plant needs at least 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Having a bath with the water soaked with the petals can help us to sleep. Inhaling the fragrance also induces a sleepy effect.

7. Not so creepy spider plant:

With an ability to cleanse the air, this plant eliminates formaldehyde from the air which is a chemical that causes cancer. Spider plant also absorbs harmful odours and fumes, while balancing oxygen level in the surrounding. By cleansing the air and maintaining oxygen levels, it helps in better sleep.

8. Mold removing English ivy:

Needing only moderate sunlight, this plant helps to remove airborne faeces and mould. Bring in this plant into the bedroom if anyone in the home has risks of allergy and asthma. Keep it out of reach of kids and pets as they are toxic. A friend of mine, whose kid suffers from asthma, has this plant in one of his flats in Chennai.

9. Freshening reed palm:

Commonly referred as reed palm, this is an air purifying plant that eliminates toxins from the air. Exotic in nature, the plant exudes a freshness and warmth into the bedroom to help you sleep. The plant is also easy to maintain and needs moist soil and indirect natural light.

10. Really peaceful peace lily:

This moisture enhancing plant enhances the humidity of a room. With an ability to arrest airborne microbes, the plant prevents allergies and other nose & throat based irritation. Keep this plant out of children and pets in a shady place and water it weekly for maintenance. Peace lily filters out toxins from the air like tri-chlorethylene, formaldehyde and benzene.

11. Marbled golden pothos:

Another amazing air purifier, this plant with heart-like leaves is a beautiful hanging plant. It needs almost no nurturing as it is invasive in nature and requires watering only once a week. The plant aids in inducing sleep when kept in the bedroom. Mildly toxic in the biological composition, hang it high in the room away from kids and pets.

12. Vibrant gerbera daisies:

Bright and beautiful in appearance, this plant is a cheerful addition to a home. Releasing oxygen at night, this plant helps us to sleep peacefully, especially people prone to allergies and sleep apnea.  They need special care as they are prone to fungal attacks.

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