18 Moving Into a New House Checklist

18 Moving Into a New House Checklist

Moving into a new house can be a very an overwhelming as well as a stressful job and if it is your first time then you are very liable to forget many things. But my shifting to a new apartments in Pallavaram radial road, had been very easy. And here I am sharing this article to give a detailed step by step checklist to do from weeks before of shifting to the time after moving into a new house.

Before moving into a new house:

Better to start preparing small things before some weeks of shifting; this will help to avoid the last-minute stress.

1. Check your new locality:

After you finalize your new house, first you should check the amenities present there and neighbouring locality to get an idea of what you should add in your to do list. Here are the Simple Guidelines to Purchase a New Home

2. Schedule a packers & movers:

Choosing a correct packers & movers give remove half of your stress, as they take care of major part of the shifting. Before calling any of these service, take a count of furniture and inventory you have at your home. Then you choose the service provider by the number of vehicle, or the size of vehicle they are bringing, how many people they are bringing for the job, how much time and price they will take after selecting the serviceman show them all the household which they are going to shift. At last give them an appointment date better shift in weekday’s morning, so that the road will be clear and the cost will be less.

3. Downsizing of things:

If you live in a house for long time you are intended to collect so many useless thing which you think will be useful later, throw all those things which was not used in so many years will not be useful later too. Better to shift as less thing as you can. Throw the old things but don’t buy anything now, our motto is to make your inventory less.

4. Pack your things:

Even if you booked for packers & movers, it’s better to pack your small or important things by yourself such as glass crockery, clothes, and books and don’t forget to label it, it will help you in unpacking things later. Pack your important documents also by yourself and make a folder of it. These things are more prone to lost when working in haste.

5. Transfer Utilities:

All necessary things such as milk, Gas, landline, Dish TV and electricity are needed to be transfer to do that, notify your utility companies of your move and ask them the procedure to be follow.

6. Check on your new house:

Now when you are going to shift in that house better to give it a glance on the situation of that house check whether it need to repaint, check for any leakage issue, check whether all the switch plug points are working or not, check if there is any pest or not etc, after all this analysis do the necessary steps to solve it if applied.

7. Call the mover:

Give a check to your mover a day before you move to make sure everything is happening according to the plan.

Day of Shifting (Pre-moving)

8. Pack the small essential things:

Anybody can forget or misplace small things which will be immediate necessary after you move such as tooth brush, comb, and a box of fruit for emergency as you know nobody is going to cook at the day of shifting.

9. Charge and recharge your phone:

Make sure you have balance and charge in your phone. It is very important to be constantly in contact with other family member while moving.

10 Help the packers and movers in packing:

Discuss with your mover on your priority of things to load first. Help them to dismantle the furniture, pack the stuff etc. After packing got over, check whether everything has packed without leaving anything.

11. Sent somebody with movers:

Better you send somebody with the mover who knows the new house to direct them and also for the safety of your things.

12. Lights Out and Lock Up:

Once you are done with checking all things, switch off all the lights, fans, geyser, etc and lock the door.

13. Photograph your old Electricity Meters:

Last thing you need to check before you leave is your electricity metre box, record it and take a snapshot of it for reference purpose later.

Day of Shifting (Post-moving):

14. Photograph your new Electricity Meters:

First thing you need to check once you reach is your new electricity metre box, record it and take a snapshot of it for reference purpose later.

15. Check for any loss or damage:

Once your things reach, before they leave you check whether anything is lost or any damage in the move, if you find any damage call the service company and ask for reimbursement.

16. Relax for sometime:

The transfer would be very tiring before you unpack anything first relax for some time and eat something before you start your work.

17. Unpack:

Unpacking things may take lots of your time better to unpack the important thing first and rest of things such as decorating things later as you go along.

After moving into a new House
18. Follow with all the utilities:

Check with all the transfer of utilities such as milk, Gas, purifier, landline, Dish TV and electricity and follow them.

You can follow the point above and make a list of what you are going to do.

The reasons of shifting can be any but this is not a hidden fact that shifting to a new place can be very challenging at first and not everyone is able to remember all the minute steps. But once you start then everything will come into place and turn to be the same as you have desired just give some time to settle down. I hope this checklist will help you in moving into a new house to start your new life.

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