3 Curtain Fabrics best suited for Flats in Chennai

3 Curtain Fabrics best suited for Flats in Chennai

While the choice of good furnishings is important to give a complete look to a home, selection of suitable curtains is also a prominent task. That is, for a home that is complete with exquisite decors and furniture, lack of curtains might make it look incomplete. Appropriate use of upholstery has the power to uplift the appearance of any simple unit to one of the luxury apartments in Chennai. Other than adding a style quotient to the room, it multitasks by preventing the entry of outside dust particles and also restricting the amount of light. Having said this, the curtain fabrics also plays a vital role in enhancing the usability and the look. Though varied options of curtain fabrics are available in the market, here we suggest some of the best materials that are suitable for Chennai’s climatic conditions.

1. Cotton:

The most preferred fabric for the use of curtains is cotton. This curtain fabrics has the most number of advantages over any other material. The chief reason for this affinity towards this fabric is its affordability and lightweight property. Cotton allows the passage of air making easy inflow of external air. Thus this fabric breathes in air and makes the room properly aerated. Usually, cotton is used during the hot weather conditions which makes it best suitable for Chennai weather conditions. People residing in high-rise apartments in Chennai can opt for cotton during the scorching summer seasons. Also check the 7 Unbelievable Hacks to Keep your Living Space Cool.

Since this curtain fabrics are most preferred by everyone, it is available in varied colors, qualities, patterns, and designs. Cleaning of this material is also so simple, that a regular wash in a washing machine would be enough to get rid of the stains.

2. Velvet:

This fabric is considered as an option for using as an upholstery to have a cozy, glamorous and luxurious touch. For a room with classy furniture and decor, make use of velvety fabrics to give a glitzy ambiance to your room. Since the material is dense compared to other fabrics, it can restrict cold air during winter times. Also for those apartments that have grilled windows made of metal, use of velvet as upholstery saves energy in case of an air-conditioned room. To give an energy efficient and cozy feel to bedrooms and living room, velvet can always be preferred.

3. Viscose:

This is the fabric that is slowly replacing the usually used cotton. With a silk-like structure, lightweight appearance and affordability, viscose fabrics are ideal for luxury flats in Chennai to uplift the look of the unit even more. This man-made fiber material is made up of cellulose, chemically extracted from the trees. Since this curtain fabrics also breathes in air and allows an influx of free air, it is preferred for both hot and cold weather conditions.

Maintaining of these fabrics is quite simple and even it does not even require a daily maintenance. Vacuum the fabrics once in every fortnight to have a dust free home and wash them once in every six months. While this applies to the cotton and viscous materials, velvet needs special treatment and care.

While there are a number of other materials that are considered for curtains, the climatic conditions of Chennai demand material that balances the temperature of the room throughout the day and all the seasons, so choose a right curtain for your window. Combination of the above-mentioned curtain fabrics material will be effective in maintaining cozy and compact units.

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