4 Best Cost-effective Bathroom Flooring Ideas

4 Best Cost-effective Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Styling up every room would help in creating a luxury vibe for the apartment units. For this, every room should be equally treated and no room should fall behind.  Considering different sections of a unit, bathrooms are usually least used compared to other rooms. Though people tend to spend less time here, a pleasing and soothing placement of bathroom flooring fixtures and look would create an inviting feel. This would increase the chances of people spending a leisure bath time without any disturbances. Among the 3 BHK apartments for sale in Chennai, where the space allocated for bathrooms are usually less, spruce it up by making use of suitable finish that would enhance the look. Here we would like to suggest some of the bathroom flooring materials that suit best for your apartment.

Faux wood Tiles

Not many of us would opt for having wooden bathroom finish. Opting for wooden floorings in bathrooms would require high maintenance and actually not practical for daily use. Also, they become difficult to maintain because of the humidity that prevails in bathrooms. After all these barriers, wooden finish floorings can be avoided. But there is always an alternative. Opt for faux wooden tiles that looks like hardwood but made up of ceramic or porcelain. These faux tiles are budget friendly and the give a similar finish that of hardwood. Also, they don’t swell up due to the humidity and moisture. As a general instruction, opt for elongated rectangular shaped tiles which would exactly resemble hardwood slabs.

Mosaic Tiles

Available in varied colors and sizes, mosaic tiles provide depth of color and intensity to create varied design patterns. These tiles are also referred as glass tiles. They are used to create eye-catching, contrasting and subtle colored patterns which could ramp dull bathrooms. The most important part of these flooring is, it provides a great look and requires only minimal maintenance. Also, they are best suited for wet bathrooms since it reduces the risks of accidents. For bathrooms with metallic fixtures, go for adding some bling in your floorings by opting for mosaic tiles that look glittered.

Contrast-colored Tiles

Play with colors by opting two contrast flooring and fixtures coloring. Usually, people opt for the combination of black and white which would give a classy feel to bathrooms. Use of contrast colors makes a bathroom crisp and edgy. Generally, black-themed fixtures which would be complemented by white colored floorings set an example for a luxury bathroom.

Stone cladding

Cladding can be defined as the technique of arranging one material over the other. Here, stone cladding refers to the arrangement of thin layers of natural stone or with tiles that resembles a stone such as a limestone or travertine. Though it sounds like a big process, the stone cladding is one of the cost-effective and most durable flooring options to consider. Use of these stones gives a rustic look to the bathrooms and gives a feel of bathing amidst the forest. Opt for earthy tones of stones to have a complete rustic finish and getaway from the slippery wet bathroom floors

With these cost-effective and economic methods, opt for a classy bathroom that would instigate the idea to spend more time in bathing. Spending a leisure bath time would enhance the chances to have a fresh day. Employ these inventive ideas among the residential apartments in Chennai to have bathrooms that stand out from the usual ones.


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