4 Hacks to effectively Organize an Urban Apartment Unit

4 Hacks to effectively Organize an Urban Apartment Unit

Through the years there has been a massive development of real estate sector. This holistic growth of the field has been benefiting the builders and home buyers as well. Especially buying flats in Chennai comes along with the most number of advantages on its side. It is because of this that people of Chennai prefer investing in real estate over other investment options. Owning an apartment in Chennai in any dimensions provides the scope to adorn with decors. Apart from this, with the latest trends in real estate industry, the possibility to spruce up every room of a unit has expanded. Even an apartment unit with the smallest dimension can be efficiently arranged to have a finer look. Here we would like to suggest some of the hacks to efficiently organize an urban apartment unit.

1. Kitchen space

To flag off from the consistently used area of an apartment unit- the kitchen space. Saving space in the kitchen area would be the easiest task. As a general instruction, opt for installing modular kitchen which would serve as the best alternative to conventional urban apartments. These modular kitchen setups come along with cabinets to accommodate all the utensils in the most efficient way possible. Stack up all the plates and bowls of similar size in the open shelves to evade any cluttered look. Allot space for having a small and compact dining table in case of an open kitchen. This would be useful in arranging dinner table with reduced efforts.

2. Crafting green patches

Try planting ornamental and edible veggies in every available free space possible. This would not only provide a good aeration and ventilation inside the unit but also enriches your veggies cabinet with organic fresh vegetables. Regarding the placement, consider available free space in balconies, terrace or plan to carve a little amount of wall to accommodate green patches.  Also, make sure that the ornamental plants chosen cleanse toxins in the air and enrich the unit with clean and fresh air. For instance, money plant cleanses any toxins especially ammonia in air. Opt for plants similar to this to have a greenery environ.

3. Convertible furniture

Gone are those days where people opted for bigger sized traditional wood furniture. People these days prefer lightweight modular furniture that serves more than one purpose. This would aid in saving space and also cuts down the cost in spending for much furniture. It is wise to opt for modular ones that are convertible and folds. For small sized apartments, convertible furniture would do wonders in saving space. That is, a sofa that converts into a comfy bed when folded can be preferred among other sofa types.

4. Using area below the sink

Many would not have considered this area as a storage space. Convert the space available under the sink to store rarely used things and cover it up with unused skirts. Skirting the area with old unused skirts to cover up any storage materials inside would serve as a great storage space. Dedicate this area to store even toiletries or even dustbins.

Allocating every space of the unit for different purposes would serve beneficial in case of space constraints. Even 3 BHK apartments for sale in Chennai would not be sufficient enough if available space is not efficiently used. Make sure that every sq. Ft of your unit is used to its fullest and get the maximum out of your apartment units.

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