5 Amazingly Inventive Ways to Spruce up Empty Walls

5 Amazingly Inventive Ways to Spruce up Empty Walls

Decorating an empty walls with aesthetically beautiful decors is an art. But people usually stuff varied decor pieces without any proper alignment. Any room requires particular selection of color and decors that would complement the wall paint.  Neglecting any of these would eventually end up in both the wall and the unit looking cluttered. However exploring the artistic side could save all these common decor errors and make any apartment unit the best apartments in Chennai. For this process, all you need is to work little on the creativity side and follow some of the innovative ideas to spruce up the apartment unit. Here are some of the inventive ideas that could save empty walls looking dull.

Selection of statement piece

One of the decors that stays mandatory while decorating an empty wall. Statement pieces come in different categories, materials, and shapes to suit rooms with any dimension and flats of different types. Even compact small apartment units can make use of a single statement piece to style up empty walls. Rather than the same color that matches with wall paint, opt for the ones that look contrast. This would immediately grab the attention of anyone entering a room. Use of these statement pieces could amp up even dull colored rooms and gives an inviting vibe to the unit.

Drawing an illustration on your Empty Walls:

Framing an illustration and using it as a decor as photo frames have become too mainstream. People nowadays go for illustrating their empty walls with characters or themes of their choice. This idea gives refreshing and colorful rooms that would enhance the positive energy of residents. Also making illustrations of their favorite themes, makes their rooms inviting and soothing. The best example would be children room. Illustrating cartoon characters or any puzzle maze could really make their rooms pleasant. As a creative thought, illustrating anything about their studies could make their stay in their room resourceful.

Make way for a window

Why use window only to influx fresh air? In case of under construction apartment units in Chennai, plan and construct every room aesthetically to accommodate decors. Instead of using windows as the only source of ventilation, plan for placing it between two rooms. Dress this space with illustrations and complete it with placing small decors around it. This could serve as a beautiful alternative to usual decor ideas that would look monotonous. For the ready to occupy flats in Chennai, opt for placing an antique window frame decor which would give a quirky feel to any empty wall.

Choosing installation art

Similar to illustrations that style up any apartment unit with characters, installation art can also be used as an alternative. They give an embossed art effect that can be hung in any rooms. These arts give an eclectic luxury vibe and few of the art pieces can be used to create vintage effect too.

People usually concentrate much only on the wall paints and selection of furnishings. Spending on decors is usually neglected since people believe it takes a lot of money. But the truth is, playing around a little bit of creativity could really amp up the style quotient of any residential apartments in Chennai. 

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