5 Easy Feng Shui Tips for a Positive Study Space

5 Easy Feng Shui Tips for a Positive Study Space

A study room or space is a very important place among the flats or villas in Chennai and it should exude a certain amount of positivity with its form and setup. The study room is used for working and studying, so it should be a hub of good vibes that sparks creativity and clears the mind. Comfortable studying or working environment at home can bring in very good results in the future.

To attain a perfect study room, we can implement few basic “Feng Shui” principles. This holistic method is believed to drive out the “Sha Chi” and “Si Chi” energy which is bad energy while bringing in Chi energy which is good. It is a very old traditional Chinese practice of optimizing and harmonizing the surrounding energies for good fortune and luck. Here are some tips for organizing the study room based on “Feng Shui” principles

Feng Shui Tips

1. Clutter-free is the way to go:

The very first step to a good study space is to throw away all the junk that has been accumulated over the past. Leaving unwanted stuff on the table without any order is believed to attract the “Chi” energy which is bad. Discarding old paperwork, files, notes and used pens de-clutters the place instantly. De-cluttering aids in providing an environment that encourages clarity. Removing sharp objects from the study space is also believed to eliminate another form of bad energy.

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2. Picking the apt colors is vital:

We all know that colors and patterns can affect the activity of the mind. Painting the study room with subtle shades of white, grey and cream is good as these shades represent metal elements. These shades help in inculcating qualities like sharpness and clarity. Blue and black can also be a good choice as they augment concentration. It is a good idea to avoid darker shades of paint colors in the study room.

3. Placement of the study table:

Study table is the most prominent place in the study room and it should attract all the positive energy it can. Placing it in the middle of the study room or facing it to the wall is not a good idea. The table should also not be in the direction of the door as it brings in instability by disrupting the “qi” energy.

The study desk should be placed in the corner of the northeast direction or in the right side of the window. The absence of a window can be coped with a mirror hanging on the left side. When I recently purchased one of the new modern flats for sale in Pallavaram Thoraipakkam Road, I made sure that the study desk can be placed in the northeast direction without any worries.

4. Emphasize on bright lights:

The practice of “Feng Shui” encourages in creating a well-illuminated room that is devoid of dull darkness. Lamps or study lights should be installed on both sides of the desk to ensure complete brightness. However, the light used here should not be too bright as that would be bad for the eyes. It is better to avoid fluorescent lighting solutions for this space.

5. Do not forget to accessorize:

“Feng Shui” elements are believed to have certain holistic abilities. For instance, wind chimes and bells are metal elements that fend off negative energy and attract positive energy instead of being just a decorative element. An amethyst tree element on the northeast part of the table can enhance knowledge absorption and retention. Crystal sphere by the window is believed to stimulate the good “Chi” energy. Other “Feng Shui” accessories that are ideal for the study room are a crystal ball, laughing Buddha, hematite and jade pagoda tower.

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