5 Simplest ways to Revive your Apartment Units

5 Simplest ways to Revive your Apartment Units

The moment you enter an occupied and locked apartment unit, the first thing that steals our notice is the kind of odor that comes out. This is experienced by every resident’s irrespective of the size of a unit. Even when an apartment unit is tidy, one cannot avoid this odor. Though there may be various reasons behind this, changing that odor and having a refreshing living space is quite easy. For the people dwelling in gated community apartments in Chennai among a massive number of units, here we suggest some of the simplest housekeeping tricks to revive your apartment and have a refreshing living environment.

1. Place odor absorbents:

Hanging heavy weight upholstery and drapes also causes bad odors if left untouched for few months. To avoid this, sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and water fifteen minutes prior vacuuming it. Baking soda has excellent cleansing powers and greatly absorbs odors. Consider placing baking soda or essential oil solution in small pots around the unit to neutralize any odor. Other than this, vinegar can also be used in place of baking soda. This removes even the strongest odors.

2. Never leave the corners:

Corners always gather up dirt, dampness and even insects. The special corners such as the sink, the exhaust, backside of a fridge, trash cans and kitchen countertops need extra care and make sure it is cleaned often. Also, wipe corners of the room which are often not given much importance. The same applies to bathroom floors too. Make sure that water does not stand stagnant in bathrooms. Using mothballs would also be one of the best ways to keep sinks clean and dry.

3. Kitchen gardening:

This is the latest trend among the Chennai households. People are getting fond of growing their own kitchen garden to have fresh organic veggies. Generally growing plants inside a unit not only brings in the breezy air but also keep away any bad odor. Also, few ornamental plants effectively remove any pollutants and toxins present in the air making the rooms fresh.  Opt for having a small garden area inside the unit  to have a lively living environment.

4. Hanging eucalyptus and lavender:

Naturally, these two ingredients have scents that can stay for a longer period. Consider hanging a bunch of eucalyptus around the unit to have a soothing herbal scent. People who prefer different fragrance can opt for having lavender or rose petals placed inside a small bowl. They spread nascent fragrance that has the power to refresh entire home. If these ingredients dry up, sprinkle some essential oils to keep them fresh.

The art of using dried seeds, buds and flowers to induce scented fragrance to the indoors is called potpourri. These ingredients not only acts as fragrance inducers but can also be used as a decor to give rustic looks.

5. Good influx of air and natural light:

Eventually keeping a home wide open during daytime to get a proper influx of air and sunlight  will instill the fresh feel. Everyone would be aware that natural sunlight is rich in vitamin D and it helps in bone enrichment. Hence it is best to allow entry of sunlight into home especially when there is a baby. On the other side, having sunlight enter a unit is considered to bring in positive vibes according to Vastu Shastra.

An apartment unit is considered best suitable to dwell if it has an inviting vibe. Make sure that the best possible ways are employed in any ready to occupy flats in Chennai to enable a peaceful living.

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