5 Tips to Design a Perfect Living Room

5 Tips to Design a Perfect Living Room

Being the first room to receive every guest to a home, living room stands tall in the priority list of most important one when compared with others. It is the place where any celebration, casual conversations, simple get-together take place. Eventually, it is one of the prominent rooms that need maximum care and maintenance. Especially, people of Chennai concentrate more on augmenting the elegance of living room to give a pleasing welcome to their guests. For a room with this much of prominence, a vibrant and colorful theme would create an inviting vibe for anyone entering living room area. Here we suggest you some of the inventive hacks for flats in Chennai, to design a perfect living room for your apartment units.

1. Choice of wall colors:

Be it wallpaper or wall paint, selection of colors for the living rooms should be made carefully. Choosing bright-toned colors or rich wallpapers for small sized rooms make the room to look even smaller. In these cases, any lighter shades such as off-white, white, mild yellow or even beige color would amp up smaller spaces to look bigger. Hence, select wall paint colors based on the size of living room. If you are planning to play with creativity, go for realistic wallpapers coupled with solid colors to complete the look.

2. Choice of accessories:

People usually prefer to decorate their home with unique artifacts and statement piece. Living rooms suit best to have a display of these materials since it is the most visited by other people. Other than filling the empty walls with photo frames and art pieces, install built-in cupboards, pull out drawers to reduce the cluttered appearance in a living room. Also, do not overcrowd the room with too much of accessories. Plan a proper thought-out way to display every unique figurine.

3. Choice of lighting:

Spice up any minute detailing of your living room with accent lighting. A blend of different creative lighting techniques can give a spruced look similar to that of hotel rooms. Go for eco-friendly, cost-effective and smart lighting sources to have reduced electricity bills. Avoid choosing the ones which emanate amplified heat and positioning it at eye level. To have a sleek and sophisticated lighting source, it is better to opt for hidden LED lights and designer lamps to illuminate the living room.

4. Choice of plants:

Though the trend of growing ornamental plants has been in practice by people of Chennai over the years, a recent trend is having a kitchen garden or plantations inside an apartment unit. There are certain types of plants that can be easily grown and suitable for our Indian weather conditions. Allot a separate space for having these ornamental plants in your living rooms to bring in breezy environ.

5. Choice of furniture:

Items of furniture is the most crucial item use to design a perfect living room and also something that occupies the most space in the living room. Combination of a different set of furniture completes a living room perfectly. Hence choosing the perfect ones to suit the size of living room space is essential. As per the latest trend, opt for lightweight furniture that wouldn’t occupy space and have vast navigation space for convenient walk-through. Mostly opt for furniture pieces with maximum flexibility for versatile use and easy relocation inside the home.

Choosing a perfect home doesn’t stop only with buying luxury residential apartments in Chennai. Dressing up every room aesthetically with unique decors and artifacts will revamp even compact apartment units.

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