6 Amazing Hacks to Reduce Energy Consumption Bills at Home

6 Amazing Hacks to Reduce Energy Consumption Bills at Home

The world today is run by technology and every home have adapted to this advancement. Electrical appliances are a necessity for day to day life and the energy costs that they induce are increasing rapidly these days. Power is consumed at a haphazard rate by the people without any caution. This is causing constant power fluctuation in supply and is also taking a toll on consumption bills on a periodical basis. To cut down this consumption cost and use energy efficiently, there are certain tricks that you can implement at your home. The following article will help you to reduce Energy Consumption bills without compromising on comfort and convenience.

1. Using the bountiful resource of nature:

This is the first and foremost of the energy efficient trick to follow. Use natural ventilation and light whenever you can to bring down the usage of appliances like fans, air conditioners and lights. Keep the windows open at the daytime and allow natural light to illuminate your living space. Allow air to flow through your living space and make cross ventilation to work so that you don’t have to rely on ACs and fans to keep you cool.

2. Always shop for energy efficient appliances:

When you shop for appliances for your home, it is advisable to look for energy efficient ones. They might be costlier than regular appliances, but they are better for saving a lot of energy and save on your power consumption bills. Throw away incandescent light bulbs and opt for LED lights  or CFLs. These lights save a lot of energy than incandescent lights and also give out less heat. Check for energy star ratings on the appliances you buy. After purchasing one of the flats for sale in Pallavaram Thoraipakkam Road, I got myself all energy-efficient appliances to ensure that my power consumption is brought down.

3. Put your mind on home insulation:

Almost half of the electricity bill comes from heating and cooling appliances at home. To make sure that these are used efficiently, you have to ensure that the house is insulated in the right way. Assure that when the windows and doors are closed, there are no crevices that let in the air from the outside. In my flats in Pallavaram, I have heat rejection films on the other side of clear windows to make sure that the searing heat stays outside. Heat resisting shades are also a great choice to consider.

4. Be smart with air conditioners:

Air conditioners suck in more power than any other appliance in a home. And it is not really possible to avoid using the same, considering living in a tropical country. While using ACs especially at nights, it is best to keep it at an energy efficient setting of 25 degrees and run a fan at low speed. This can reduce energy consumption by at least one-tenth of regular usage.

5. Refrain from generating heat during hot season:

Consumption of energy reaches the maximum during humid and hot seasons of the year. At these times, it is best to reduce the usage of heat generating appliances like iron boxes, ovens, electric cookers, etc to the minimum. Exhaust and ventilation functions are vital during this time so that you can avoid using air conditioning equipment. Also, refrain from using bulbs and lights all day long to avoid generating heat.

6. Do not waste energy:

Most of all, it is important to realize that wasting energy is an irresponsible act. Do not keep the appliances on standby when they are not in use. Assure that the heaters and air conditioners are maintained at appropriate temperatures. Refrain from leaving the outlets on with mobile chargers. Defrost your refrigerator regularly and make sure that it is always closed after usage. These simple yet effective ways can bring down energy consumption by a significant proportion. By cutting down energy consumption, you are doing a favour for the environment and also for yourselves.

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