6 Natural Ways to Keep your Home Mosquito-Free

6 Natural Ways to Keep your Home Mosquito-Free

The menace of mosquitoes in cities is known and they bring in various disease-causing germs to the place of dwelling. Malaria, elephantiasis, and dengue are some of the dangerous diseases that are linked to these winged midge-like flies. With the use of various insecticide formulae, there are chemical repellents to keep them at bay. Though usage of chemical repellents on a daily basis is again harmful to the human body and they can also cause serious allergic reactions at times.

There is a way out of this system, which is to indulge on the usage of easily available natural elements that repel mosquitoes and other germs that comes with them. Mr.Datt, who stays in one of the flats in Tambaram, Chennai, found these easy natural solutions to keep his home mosquito-free and it worked for him.These natural elements or ingredients are commonly available in a normal household’s kitchen racks, gardens and they come in handy to deliver efficient repellent action.

1. Neem-oil repellent:

Mixing neem oil with coconut oil in equal proportions and applying it on exposed skin is one of the easiest natural mosquito repellents. This solution in the body can last for a whole night and can keep the winged menace at bay. With potent antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, neem exude a certain smell that repels mosquitoes quite efficiently.

2. Hotbox with camphor:

Derived from a tree extract, camphor delivers a long mosquito repellent function at home. It is easy to use and gives a mosquito-free ambiance in few minutes. Firstly, close all the doors, windows and entry/exit points. Then light the camphor in the room and leave it for at least 20 minutes to induce a repellent effect.

3. Potion of eucalyptus and lemon oil:

Eucalyptus and lemon oil in equal proportions are also a great mosquito repellent to use in your home. With an active component of cineole, the mixture has both antiseptic and insect repelling properties. The smell is also pleasing to use on the exposed portions of the body that are at the risk of mosquito bites.

4. The magic of tulsi plants:

Tulsi acts amazingly to eliminate larvae of mosquitoes; it is an effective element that can kill them right at the initial stage. It is a simple solution as it does not require any processing to take effect as a repelling agent. Keeping a tulsi shrub in a pot close to window, door and in a garden is proven to be effective enough to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.

5. Ways of mint:

One of the versatile elements on the list, mint extracts can be used in a vaporizer or applied as oil on exposed skin or can be planted near entry/exit points. The scent of mint is also relaxing and does not cause any kind of hindrance to the human olfactory sense. If any of these ways are not possible, it still can be derived by diluting mint-based mouthwash with water and sprayed all around the room. By doing this, mosquitoes also repel to the aroma and offers a refreshing scent in the living space.

6. Pungent and effective garlic:

Some might not be pleased with the strong and pungent smell of garlic, but the same works as an active ingredient to keep the mosquitoes away from the house. To make an effectual repellent, just take a few pods of garlic and smash it into a paste and boil the same with water. Take this solution and spray it all around the living space to make it work as a repellent.

There is a common assumption that plants, trees, and shrubs help in the breeding of mosquitoes. This is absurd because, with the right kind of trees and plants, an environment can be kept free of mosquitoes and the germs associated with them. Planting the garden  with shrubs of mint, marigold, tulsi and planting lemon or neem trees can go a long way in resisting mosquitoes and ceasing breeding activities.

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