6 Ways to Arrange Furniture for a Clutter-free Living Room

6 Ways to Arrange Furniture for a Clutter-free Living Room

Discussions, celebrations, get-togethers and every small meeting of family members and friends happen in the living room. Eventually, one can guess the importance that a living room space occupies amongst every other room. This is the place that gets the maximum of attention from the residents. Thus it is obvious people need to take extra care while arranging every furniture piece and decor. Though apartments in Chennai come in different dimensions of living space, here we suggest some ideas to arrange furniture for an organized living space.

1. Facing each other:

Place any two seating furniture such as sofas, chairs or even beam bags facing each other. That is, place it in such a way that it looks like the furniture pieces ‘talks’ with one another. This arrangement will initiate a conversation between two people seated in that furniture piece. It helps create a feel as if the furniture invites people to join in for a conversation.

2. Place a coffee table:

Placing a short coffee table amidst the seating place would complete the conversation area. Consider buying a coffee table of height at least 35-40cm which would be perfect for any sofa. Tables higher than the sofa seats could dominate the conversation area. But opt for wider ones because small tables would not contribute anything to the arrangement.

3. Choice of rug:

Compliment the conversation area by using rugs. Even dull colored sofas and lightweight furniture pieces can be styled up by using textured and colorful rugs. Place the furniture pieces either partially or fully on the rug. Avoid placing it around the furniture pieces since that would not help in styling up the room. As a general instruction, consider buying a rectangular shaped one than any other shapes.

4. Target a center place:

Usually, target the center of a living room and consider to arrange furniture pieces around the center. Place a coffee table at this center and surround it with furniture pieces. This arrangement would complete the conversation area and make way for occupying more number of people to join in the conversation. On the other side, this placement perfectly balances overall look and ambiance of living space.

5. Place furniture away from walls:

This is a common design error that most of the people commit. Avoid pushing every furniture pieces to the corners especially in case of smaller rooms. Pushing seating furniture pieces close against walls would reduce the influx of air and natural light to a certain extent. For this, consider pulling it just a few centimeters away from the wall.

6. Use minimal furniture elements:

Rather than cluttering furniture pieces into one room craft a path with distinctive placement. Rather than introducing a huge and heavy sofa which blocks space and light, consider having two chairs with a coffee table that would serve the same purpose.

Placing furniture inside a small room is usually considered as a tedious task. People complain about the insufficient place that is offered by living space. But a proper arrangement of furniture and decor is more than sufficient to have luxury flats in Chennai.

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