7 Amazing Importance of a Landscape Architect

7 Amazing Importance of a Landscape Architect

The importance of landscape architecture is often ignored, but in reality, it is a broad and diverse aspect of architecture. With the rise of gated community projects with villas and apartments in urban locations, there is a need for landscape architects to design and develop a well-planned and practical setting. In Chennai, this emerging trend was welcome by most of the prominent builders. The same was reflected in one of Alliance’s projects with flats for sale in Pallavaram, Chennai.

The design aspects of the landscape depend on different factors like surroundings, spatial functions, and the inhabitants. In this article, let us see how a landscape induces a positive impact on the property, the dwellers and the environment.

1. Enhancing the property value:

By intricately planning the space around an individual house or an apartment complex, a landscape architect augments the surrounding. This development of the space around a core element makes the place look appealing and also environmentally sustainable. Imagine having a perfect landscape around your home for a view along with versatile spatial functions. This, in turn, helps in enhancing the value of the property over time.

2. Planned implementation of ideas:

Some people who don’t know much about landscape architecture think that it is a waste of time and money to involve a landscape architect in the project. Truth is that they are well educated and trained to improve any type of landscape. By analyzing the land as a system, they evaluate the area and come to conclusions to segregate problematic areas from the areas that are perfect for further improvement. After this initial process, they also give a picture of how the landscape would appear post completion. They clearly know about the materials to utilize and the design to employ on a landscape.

3. Expertise on serene greenery:

An expert landscape architect knows the right kind of trees, plants, and shrubs in a specific ground and environmental condition. By having knowledge of the flora that coexists with a system, they help in maintaining a serene and healthy environment. Utilizing native plants is their habitual practice and that is how they cut down water consumption and chemical treatment, thereby decreasing maintenance costs.

4. Protecting the landscape from natural elements:

To counter flooding and the problems that come with flooding, a landscape architect designs the area based on that aspect. By guiding the rainwater to run off and filter in certain spots, they help in protecting the landscape and also increase the aquifer levels in the area. This concept can be seen in the Galleria Residences’ apartments in Pallavaram developed by Alliance Group, one of the popular builders in the city. Another design aspect they usually implement is permeable paving, which helps in preventing driveway flooding and encourages the revival of groundwater.

5. Designing the perfect pool:

A landscape architect knows how to build a swimming pool and where to place it for convenience and feasible function. Inside a large gated community project with villas or apartments, a landscape architect decides the exact placement of the swimming pool by considering accessibility for all residents. Besides, they also know how to develop a natural pond or pool that doesn’t carry harsh chemicals and require less maintenance.

6. Irrigation system for the garden:

Landscape architect identifies the right irrigation system that would work in a certain landscape. Some of them use drip irrigation system while others use the conventional sprinkler system for the landscapes. Depending on the type of the surface and the orientation of the landscape, they plan an effective irrigation system to maintain and nurture the garden.

7. Complete expert advice from the beginning to the end:

With all this, they give you a complete expert advice from the start to finish of a project. By doing this, a landscape architect delivers a result that anyone would love as a resident. They augment the outdoor living space and make it ideal for a harmonious dwelling experience.

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