7 Unbelievable Hacks to Keep your Living Space Cool

7 Unbelievable Hacks to Keep your Living Space Cool

Living in a humid country, there is always a trouble dealing with the searing temperature conditions all through the year. Summer season is unbearable and there is no way to evade the heat, except by using air conditioners to keep your living space cool. And here, in a humid country like India, especially South India, it is always almost hot. But yes, there is a way out of this freak natural infliction, that too without the use of air conditioners. Surprising? No, there are ways to hack your living space with specific components to make your home cooler and reasonably habitable. I recently moved into one of the newly built apartments in Pallavaram Radial Road, Chennai, India. And this is how I eluded the annoying humid conditions of the city while keeping my living space cool.

1. Blinding sunlight with blinds:

You might never have guessed it. One of the blinds’ primary functions is to block excessive sunlight from entering living space rather than being a style or design element. And sunlight carries the most heat that could affect your state of being quite well. Using a blind can make your living space cooler by at least 10%.

2. Unclosed doors and ventilation:

One thing I have figured out is that keeping your doors locked always is not going to help at all. The living space needs proper ventilation and open doors are the right elements that deliver the same. Try to cross ventilate and create space for the air to flow in and flow out continuously. Choosing a right curtain for the windows   is also important in this summer. My unit from one of the high-rise flats for sale in Pallavaram Thoraipakkam Road has a bay window and doesn’t share a common wall, and that is how I enjoy a breezy cool living ambient at home.

3. Smart ceiling fans:

There are ceiling fans that rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. You can adjust the setting of these fans and during the summer season, you can make it spin counterclockwise, thus making the blades to spew out air spreading outwards. When the fan blades are set to spin clockwise, they absorb in the air and distribute the breeze from the ceiling to the boundaries of the wall.

4. Do not ignore power outlets:

Keeping power outlets on with the appliances connected to it when not in use also generates a little bit of heat in the living space. It is better to switch them off so that you can also reduce your power consumption charges along with the room temperature.

5. Exhaust all the warmth out:

Your bathroom and kitchen must have exhaust fans and chimney setups respectively. Keep them on at times to chase all the warmth away. While cooking, it is always advisable to keep your chimney on and ensure that it stays on for a little while even after you are done with the cooking. Likewise in your bathroom, switch on the exhaust fan after having your hot shower- if you are crazy enough to take a hot shower in humid conditions.

6. Heat friendly bedroom fabrics:

Keep away from flannel and fleece on the fabrics that you use in the bed. Sheets, pillowcases, and pajamas must be summer friendly. It is highly advisable to use cotton fabrics or similar light fabrics during hot days for you to let your body breathe easy and cool.

7. Look after yourself:

Last but not the least, while trying to maintain optimum temperature in your living space, it is also highly advisable to look after yourself and chill out co-ordinately. Make sure that you are cool and relaxed at all times. Wear light cotton clothes and make use a washcloth to simmer down crucial body parts like your head and neck region. Take a cool bath every day twice and hydrate yourself with refreshing fresh juices and drinks.

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