8 Advantages of Natural Cross-ventilation

8 Advantages of Natural Cross-ventilation

Someone who is living in an apartment which is stuffy and hot knows what it means to get a nice fresh ventilation. When your home is hot and there’s a lot of humidity, you sweat a lot — it’s uncomfortable and sticky. Natural cross-ventilation is a methodology which directs the flow of air inside your living space in a steady stream. The process refreshes a room by allowing the fresh air in and hot air out, and it’s more effective when there are windows on opposite sides of the room or building. Living in a tropical city like Chennai, which has warm and humid conditions most of the year, it is financially very tough to keep the air conditioner turned on. At times, the room temperature becomes unbearable and all it takes is a smart move to cool down your room temperature levels in your home. It is where the subtle art of natural cross-ventilation come in. Cross-ventilating is a cheaper and natural measure which utilizes natural forces, such as the wind, to provide the ventilation to your environs, reducing the strain not only on your wallet but also on the environment.

Alliance Group Galleria Residences, a gated community project offering flats for sale in Pallavaram Thoraipakkam Road, utilizes this concept of natural cross-ventilation intricately. The apartment units are constructed in a way that they have no shared common walls, which in turn provides complete privacy, natural cross-ventilation along with more natural daylight in your home.

How cross-ventilation works:

With windows on opposite directions, to be specific, through an inlet and outlet window, natural cross-ventilation can be achieved. A gust of wind from the outside is let through the inlet window, which accumulates fresh air inside and air out the stale or hot air through the outlet window. This process helps to balance the air moisture, which in turn brings down the room temperature, making your home a pleasant and peaceful place to live.

Procedure for Natural cross-ventilation to work:

For cross-ventilation to work and induce a positive effect, the first and foremost thing to follow is to properly position your building doors/windows. But it is impossible to change the dimensions and the form of the building if the prevailing structure doesn’t facilitate cross-ventilation. No worries, there is a way to hack this disadvantage.

• You can guide the air current in your living space by keeping a fan in front of the inlet window/door and by keeping another fan facing outside in front of the outlet window/door to guide the hot air out.

• This method accumulates fresh air inside and blows out hot air to reduce the room temperature.

Benefits of Natural Cross-ventilation:

1. It is an eco-friendly practice with its own benefits both financially and environmentally

2. It consumes less energy than comparative mechanical ventilation systems.

3. It brings down the room temperature quite efficiently.

4. There would be no remnants of stale air in the living environ which is pleasant and healthy living.

5.  Minimal maintenance, No filter replacement.

6. No dirty ducts to be cleaned.

7. Studies have shown that those who are living in homes with natural ventilation have fewer building related syndrome symptoms such as headaches, eye irritation etc.

8. More natural sunlight/daylight in your living rooms.

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