9 Surprisingly Affordable Ways to Decorate your New Home

9 Surprisingly Affordable Ways to Decorate your New Home

Do you want to adorn your newly found living space into your own personal space? Are you scared that it might burn a hole in your pocket? Relax and inculcate these clever interior design tricks to decorate your new home. It takes minimal effort and costs very less if you put your mind and heart into it. Even subtle placement of common household items can bring in pleasing warmth into your living space. Here are some tips to inspire and transform your place into a home with character.

1. Optimizing visual aesthetics with colour and texture:

It is always advisable to paint smaller rooms with soft and light colours. Light colours deceive the eyes and make the room seem larger than usual. You might be having a living room that is small and cramped. With large windows, gentle coloured walls and mirrors at the right location, you can create an illusion of space. This makes the room to look larger than the actual size. And on the other hand, painting large rooms with dark and bright colours can make the living room look smaller than it actually seems to be.

2. The magic of decorative mirrors to brighten your space:

As discussed earlier, it is easy to make a small cramped up space to seem larger with the right placement of mirrors and lighting. If your room is pretty big and receives only a limited amount of natural sunlight, then it is a smart move to place mirrors directly opposite to the windows. Placing your mirrors directly across the windows reflects the sunlight to the spots where the sunlight doesn’t reach normally. Instead of using plain and boring mirrors, it is better to add decorative mirrors which look artsy and cool. Be it large or small, rightly placed mirrors induce light and dimension into your home quite effortlessly. In case you live in a high rise apartment with bay windows like the flats for sale in Pallavaram, Chennai, by Alliance Group; then you don’t have to worry a lot about optimizing the space for lighting. These flats in Pallavaram are illuminated naturally and thus they require less lighting options during the daytime.  

3. Dwell in a fresh and green ambient setting:

Going green is a cheap and affordable way to decorate your living space. Add plants to your otherwise dull space and make it look greener and serene. It doesn’t matter if it is small or big, few or many plants, just do it to accessorize the space in an eco-friendly way. They are inexpensive and easy to maintain, which is another added advantage. Apart from the aesthetical benefits, plants also absorb pollutants and eliminate harmful gases from the air to make you feel refreshed.

4. Throw in area rugs at the right places:

Throw rugs/ area rugs induce warmth to a living space and add a sense of personality with their form, colour and texture. Marbled or tiled floors are easy to maintain but they do not offer comfort when it is too cool during the winter. At this time, you can throw in some area rugs to make your living space vibrant and functional. You can also choose a different fabric with various patterns that suit your taste and character. Possibilities of experimenting with colours and textures are endless while decorating with rugs. You can also change the rugs according to the seasons, like using warm fabric and colour tones for the winter season and light ones for the rest of the hot and humid season.

5. A cocktail of modern and antique decors:

The best catch is to mix up all your decorative items in the right proportion. Alongside your modern couch, you can keep the vase that your grandparents gave you years ago. Personal decors reflect your personality and express your style at once. Try to express the stories of your past with the decor in your room. Allow the past and the present to co-exist beautifully in your home. You need not throw away those old valuables and keepsakes just to bring in lifeless decors into your living space.

6. Clean and effortless usage of slipcovers:

These days slipcovers are so underrated and their functions are often ignored for granted.  But their functions are many and they are perfect if your home has naughty children fiddling around all the time. With slipcovers, you can also change the appearance of your furniture according to the season. You don’t have to worry about dirtying your costly furniture when you use slipcovers at the right places.

7. Reuse to decorate:

You might have many items in your possession that are packed up and put in a box somewhere. Go through what you have in hand and try to use them in your living space decor. Add old bedside tables, coffee tables, tea carts, trays, luggage racks and so on to include texture and dimension. Hang old plates and set up candles at the corners to transform your own space into something tranquil and nice. Use artwork from your childhood or use your children’s sketches to decorate their bedroom in style.

8. Storage in wicker baskets:

Are you in need of more storage space in any of your rooms? Wicker baskets are an amazing and elegant solution to add storage space. Store books, magazines, toys, towels and blankets in these wicker baskets to make sure that your room looks free of mess and immaculate. You can also adorn your dining table by keeping a wicker basket full of fresh fruits and veggies.

9. Organize your kitchen with hanging pot holder:

Make sure that your kitchen space looks warm and lovely. For this, a hanging pot rack is perfect. By using a hanging pot holder for storage, you can free up some space in the cupboards below for storing other items that you don’t use in the kitchen. They are pleasing to the eye, functional and allow you to organize your kitchen space efficiently. With these simple and affordable decorating options, you can transform your living space into something wonderful and functional at the same time. Decorate your New Home by expressing your personality and taste of your own distinctive decorations to make your home completely yours in essence.

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