9 Ideas to do Wall Painting Decoration

9 Ideas to do Wall Painting Decoration

For centuries the paints are being used to bring colours in our house, Do you know it can actually give you lots more than a single shade? All you need to do is to think out of the box and add beauty to your wall decorate through decorative painting. An interesting wall painting decoration is enough for an engaging and refreshing new makeover of your house.

Here I am sharing some ideas on how you can use paints for the wall decorates. Do try any of these and spice up your life with the richness of the colour in your residential apartment or even in your individual villas in Chennai.

1. Pattern wall painting decoration using Cello tapes:

Painting decorative patterns with the use of cello tapes is the easiest and cost-effective painting technique which results in a very clean-cut geometrical pattern on the wall.
Here are the 4 easy Steps to follow:
Step 1: Paint the base colour (colour you want for the pattern) on the wall.
Step 2: Carefully mark the design you want on your wall by masking the area with cello tape.
Step 3: Now paint the wall again with different colour which you want as main colour.
Step 4: Peel off the cello tape carefully.
Now, what you get is the 1st painted pattern area which was hidden under the cello tape gets the base colour which distinguishes with the 2nd paint area and gives you a beautiful design pattern on the wall.

2. Pattern design using an easily made model or Stencil:

Stencil painting is a well-defined and elegant painting technique and here you get the advantage of customizing the wall décor paint pattern with any design which comes to your mind.
Here are the 3 easy Steps to follow:
Step 1: Choose the pattern what you like to have on your wall.
Step 2: Take a cardboard or thin plastic and cut it by tracing the pattern with scissor and paper-cutter to make the Stencil or model.
Step 3: place the stencil on a surface of the wall and paint the colour so that the paint goes through the holes and leaves a design on the surface.

3. Use aluminium foil tape design on a wall:

After painting your wall you can attach foil tape to give it a luxurious look. This technique involves applying base coat paint (prefer a dark colour to contrast) and simply paste the aluminium foil in any geometric shape you like. It is very simple, but definitely an eye-catching design.

4. Roller wall Design Painting:

The Roller wall Design Painting is a very creative and Elegance painting technique. The roller consists of two parts; the first part is a pattern rubber roller, it has a raised pattern stamp on its surface and the second part is an applicator which consists of a frame, a handle and a foam feeder roller. This technique involves applying base coat paint and then feed the feeder roller with some paint, snap on a pattern roller and start rolling the roller on the painted wall to get the pattern on it.

5. Texture Wall Painting Decoration:

Texture painting can change your overall look of the wall with just one coat of paint. There are many effects which you can use by applying one technique or combination of it, the versatility is all up to you. Here I am listing out some of the effects which you can use easily at your home.

  • Combing/brushing:

This effect can be done very creatively by applying just a combing tool, which can be any sharp teeth tools use to make an impression on the walls. The texture can be a straight continuous line to make a brushing or sweeping pattern or it can be non-continuous small combing texture. This method involves in applying a base colour paint, covering it with a contrasting colour and then pulling the teeth of a combing tool to create the desired effects.

  • Roller texture:

Any roller with a raised pattern carve on its surface can be used to get the effect. You just need to apply the paint on the wall and it is all ready to roll it which leaves behind an amazing imprint roller pattern on the wall.

  • Sponging/Ragging:

Sponging is one of the most common and easiest techniques which you can use to get a fabulous and revamp look for your wall. The process is to first Damp a sponge with water and squeeze it out, then dip the sponge into the paint and take out the excess of it. Then start dabbing the sponge lightly, overlapping edges of colour and rotating the sponge for a random effect.
Ragging is again the impression painting technique which uses soft fabric to create decorative patterns on the wall.

  • Crinkle and Ragging:

Crinkle paper effect is created by using a tissue paper. Just sandwich a wet tissue paper between two paint coats and get an interesting artistic look for your wall.

Try to break the standard boring single painting techniques and be creative to give your wall a stand out look while having fun with paints. If you want to go for painting service , make sure that they do not transpose your style. I hope these techniques is useful for you. Do write us if you have any doubt.

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