A Beginner’s Guide to Optimize Lighting

A Beginner’s Guide to Optimize Lighting

It is hard to find a properly illuminated living space in urban cities all around the world. Every other apartment unit or home is spooky etched with dark corners, damp windows and improper alignment of components in a room. Arranging your living space to optimize lighting is a herculean task, to say the least. But there are ways to come over this problem. There are few hacks to drench your living space with proper illumination and the same has the ability to completely transform your style of living.

1. Smart ceiling light setup:

A bold and smart ceiling fixture is essential to illuminate your home just right. With an over-sized ceiling fixture or in false ceiling, you can add a lot of dramatic essence to that space. If the place is devoid of the entry of natural light, then it is not advisable to fix a standalone ceiling light fixture. The light should be complemented with other sources of light to make it look appealing.

2. Augment it more with floor lamps:

Choosing your secondary illuminating source is also tricky. Floor lamps at the corners of the floor would look totally inviting. If you don’t have enough floor space to use your floor lamps, take advantage of the height of your room. Versatile lighting solution could help you here.

3. Picking the right lampshades:

You have to understand that lampshades are not just decorative accents in a space. They enhance the primary lighting setup. Light lampshades tend to permit more light into space while a darker lamp shade delivers localized illumination all around the lighting component. Optimize Lighting using mesh shades or glass in exposed lampshades is a better option.

4. Night lights, not too bright lights:

It is obvious that you know this for a fact. Night lights shouldn’t be light and shiny. Instead, go for dull yellow or blue shaded lamps to use as night lights. Dull yellow shaded lamps activate the slumber quotient and send relaxing vibes to your body. Blue shaded lamps can hold back melatonin discharge and induce sleepy sensation into you.

5. Utilizing natural light:

Your apartment unit/home should surely have an ample number of doors and windows. I personally live in one of the new flats for sale in Chrompet, that has no common walls and thus it integrates natural light nicely. Use lighter shades of curtains and blinds on the window to let the sunlight pass through and reach the living space inside. A translucent window would do the trick, but a completely transparent window would over-do the lighting during bright summer days.

6. Efficient task lights:

There might be specific spots in your home where you would need focused lighting. A reading spot or a kitchen cabinet would seriously require such a setup. Instead of lighting the whole space with bright and hurtful lights, it is better to install task lights at the spots that you wish to illuminate. In my apartments in Pallavaram Radial Road, I have a cozy task light just in the horizontal wall beside my reading table for me to read conveniently.

7. The magic of dimmers:

While installing illuminating components for the first time, it is advisable to bring in some controllable dimmer lights. Dimmer lights are flexible and they offer a range of lighting setups whenever possible. Dimmers come with high/low beam switches or sometimes with triple-way illuminating power for you to use differently to optimize lighting as you wish.

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