Foyer lights that turn on as you enter your home, a pleasantly cool home set to the perfect temperature to refresh you after a tiresome day at work, a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and the missed episode of your favourite show screened on your TV, does it sound like a Utopian scenario? No, it’s not, welcome to your Smart Home!

What is a Smart Home –

A home that uses the concept of IOT (Internet of things) to establish a network of internet-connected devices that can be remotely monitored, managed and operated is a smart Home. Smart homes have a set of smart devices that operate together sharing amongst them consumer usage date and thereby automating actions based on the preference of the homeowner. A concept that was once a Luxury is soon assuming importance in the lives of all.

Benefits of a Smart Home -

Right from Comfort, cost savings, to Safety and Security, the benefits of a Smart Home are numerous –

Comfort – Switching off the fans and lights in the house, the air conditioner/heater from anywhere with just a click of a button on the smart phone is the utmost comfort that one can enjoy in the fast world where one leads a very busy and mechanical life. Smart devices have evolved hugely with AI/Machine learning, today smart lights with motion sensors detect the entry of people into the room and turn on automatically, bringing more comfort into lives.

Cost Savings – Home automation has evolved to study the usage pattern and environmental factors and operates efficiently for optimal usage of resources. Air conditioners that detect the ambient temperature and switch on automatically, garden irrigation system that switches on to water plants at the particular time of the day and uses only the required quantity of water, smart lights that detect the lighting in the environment and adjust the brightness accordingly, smart thermostats that keep a tab on energy consumption and also indicate when the ac filters require cleaning and service, facilitates the optimal utilisation of resources and eliminates unnecessary wastage of power, saving cost, resources and environmental impact.

Safety – With smart security systems home owners can monitor and identify safety threats to their home and the system can in turn be programmed to take the necessary action like raising alarm or informing the nearest police station. This puts all the necessary safety protocol in place and offers home owners peace of mind.

How do I make my Home a Smart-Home?

A Smart home consists of two components – Smart Devices and a Smart Hub.

Smart devices such as Door locks, thermostats, security alarm systems, lights, dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., are marketed by different manufacturers, these can be installed, accessed and controlled by their app installed on your smartphone/tab/laptop or even a gaming console.


However, when these devices are from different vendors, they may lack the compatibility to communicate with each other. A smart hub is a combination of hardware- software that connects such smart devices on a home automation network, enables their communication and can be controlled by an App on your smartPhone. It connects to your voice control devices, like Amazon Echo or Google Home. So, Next time, when you need to switch on your dishwasher sitting on the couch, you just have to ask Alexa to do it for you!