Advantages of Structures with No Common Walls

Advantages of Structures with No Common Walls

Apartments usually are constructed with structural features that are shared with the other units that are nearby. With that into consideration, there is an opinion that the inhabitants are always subjected to some kind of a disturbance of their respective neighbors. For example, if a resident wants to listen to blaring music or watch a football match at full volume, there is an obvious possibility for the resident next door to feel disturbed and annoyed.

In Alliance’s Galleria Residences, this problem is eliminated with flats in Pallavaram that no common walls to make way for a convenient dwelling experience that cannot be experienced anywhere else. In this blog, let us explore how no common walls distinctive structural feature is paving the way to a living condition that is so similar to living in an independent house or villa.

1. Privacy at its finest level:

The first and foremost point to discuss should be the aspect of complete privacy. With no common walls shared between each unit, there is no possibility for the sound to pass through the walls and disrupt the auditory senses of the resident living next door.

Living in these apartments in Pallavaram Radial Road, one doesn’t have to worry about the noises that the neighbors make. Be it drilling, hammering or listening to boisterous music, any resident living next door wouldn’t be disturbed at all. This is almost like living in an own independent house.

2. Optimized natural illumination with daylight:

With open entry points on 3 sides of the unit and no structure protruding natural sunlight, space inside receives optimal natural illumination that is beneficial in so many ways. During daytime, the unit inside would be well-lit by the sunlight and there wouldn’t be the necessity of using electrical light sources.

By making use of natural sunlight for illumination, power consumption charges could also be brought down considerably, which in turn is an eco-friendly and economical practice on the whole.

3. Free flow of air for stunning ventilation:

Every unit in these flats for sale in Pallavaram allows naturally flowing air to go through the interiors from the 3 entry points. With such a steady flow of air, the units receive completely natural ventilation. Such natural ventilation is an eco-friendly practice and allows the inhabitants to cut down the usage of air conditioners during breezy days, thereby decreasing power consumption charges. Free flow of air refreshes the space inside each unit and doesn’t allow stale and hot air to be retained inside.

While delivering 3 different functions with 1 versatile feature, this is one innovative construction design that is predicted to transform the real estate sector. However, the structural integrity and strength of the building are not compromised by constructing a building with no common walls shared between two apartments.

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