Are Recessed Lights the Happening Home Decor Trend?

Are Recessed Lights the Happening Home Decor Trend?

Deciding on the lighting setup inside the unit plays a prominent role in shaping up the overall look. Unlike the conventional tube lights and incandescent bulbs, there is a great augmentation of a variety of lighting sources in the current generation. The best part of these lighting sources is that they come in much-reduced costs and also environment-friendly. One of the examples of such lighting source is the use of LED lights. Now even these LED lights are extensively used in a creative way to create effects that just replicate the ambiance that of a hotel or any luxury room. Read on to know about one such effect of lighting called recessed lighting effect among the residential apartments in Chennai and villas that have become the trend in these days.

What are Recessed lights?

These are just known with various names such as Canister lights, down lights and even pot lights that are similar to any other light fixtures fixed right below any openings (besides the stairs, below the false ceiling, dark corners in the garden area) inside the unit. These lights though don’t serve as a prominent lighting for a room but are used to create a soothing ambiance that can make a room come alive. Now explore the segments inside the unit that are best suited to install and enjoy this aesthetic ambiance.


This might sound tad difficult but the corridors that are designed with parallel streamlined openings with these recessed lighting fixtures can give the effect walking inside a luxury hotel. Installing this lighting can serve as a great alternative for the usual chandeliers that are needed to be installed in the corridors.

Puja room

One of the most suitable places that can absolutely use the effect of recessed lighting would be Puja room. Design the room in such a way that there is an ample space left for installing the fixtures. A properly planned and designed puja room with recessed lighting can replicate the ambiance of a temple and the effect of god just placed in the heavenly abode. This is created using the effect of “wall grazing” wherein the walls behind the statues is given highlight with recessed lighting. Eventually, the idol would look illuminated with the light from the backdrop giving such effect.

Living and bedrooms

Living rooms and bedrooms with faux ceiling can function as the best place for installing the recessed lighting fixtures. This setup serves as the best ambient lighting for the room and provides a light, breezy and soothing effect. One of the techniques to make use of this recessed setup is to have cove lights. This diffuses the direct illumination from the lights & spreads it out towards the ceiling and the curtains. Living or bedrooms with central faux ceiling would instill the moonlit effect inside your room.

Dressing room

Not that many of us have a dedicated room for this unless people who reside in independent villas in Chennai, even the vanity section of your unit can be made use of this lighting fixtures. Unlike having incandescent bulbs as used by most of the film stars, these recessed fixtures have become the trend and much modern when it comes to contributing to the look of the unit.

Coping up with the latest trend of the market applies to every field and home decors too don’t fall behind it. Remember to invest in some of the inventive ideas to make a different style statement for your unit.

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