Is there any best alternative to Wooden Flooring?

Is there any best alternative to Wooden Flooring?

Among the flooring patterns that are available in the market, laminate flooring is one of the best alternative to Wooden flooring that are getting the attention of most of the builders of Chennai among the flats in Chennai in the recent days. Being manufactured by several chemical processes this flooring pattern offers varied advantages to the residents. Laminated flooring patterns are nothing but a combination of multi-layered synthetic material merged together by the process of lamination to look alike natural wood. To give a look similar to natural wood, a photographic image of real wood are fused on to the core composed of HDF (High-Density Fibreboard).

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This board is prevented from moisture, by backing up a layer of chemical additive in the bottom layer. Finally, this flooring is given the clear finish by applying a wear layer on the top of it which works as a protective layer. Altogether this flooring looks great on any unit and those who are skeptical of using real wood as flooring can definitely use this for giving the similar look. Read on to know about the advantages of this flooring pattern.

No maintenance vows

Like any other usual flooring pattern that requires just a soft broom or vacuuming, floors that are laminated just require a simple soft broom, vacuum cleaner or damp mop to clean. Do not fear of stains that can be caused by any spills like marbles or tiles. The clear top layer prevents any stain to penetrate and tarnish flooring very soon. This layer also prevents any scratches and the process of fading away due to its exposure to the sunlight. It is better to clean the surface with a damp cloth immediately when it is treated with any stains.

Looks like natural wood

The best part about having laminated flooring is that it crafts a similar look that of a natural wood such as walnut, oak, mahogany and etc. People who wish to have a look similar to the wooden flooring can opt for this which is available at the reduced cost. At the same time, unlike wood, these flooring patterns are available at different designs and patterns, textures which would resemble similar to that if real wood.

Easy installation process

One might think installing this flooring would be a difficult process since it is manufactured with many processes. But contrary to that, this flooring material does not require much effort for installing and the process of removing the existing one is also simple. Two or more laminated floor planks join very quickly by the process of an interlocking system known as tongue and groove joint. The best advantage of this flooring is that, if planning to relocate, entire of the floor can be removed and reinstalled wherever possible.

Cost-effective nature

Finally, these flooring materials do not cost much and are available at the most reasonable price ranges. This serves as the best alternative to wooden flooring which would cost huge.

Though there are various flooring materials on the market that look like real wood, this would be the worthy alternative that resembles the real wood and comes with many advantages. Hence this option can be easily preferred for even the luxury villas in Chennai that demands lavish vibe.

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