Colours to look out for Wall Paints in this New Year

Colours to look out for Wall Paints in this New Year

Deciding on the colors for wall paints would always be the toughest task among any other decor works. This is because of the confusion that people get into for fixing a particular color tone for the entire unit. One might opt for the subtle colors and few might suggest going for bright tones. With the updated list of colors every year from the varied wall paint giants in the industry, the choices never seem to reduce. Hence read on to explore the number of options that are going to rule the interior design industry in the upcoming year. Do not hesitate to try some of these for your residential apartments in Chennai and also the villa projects in Chennai to make your unit stand out from the crowd.

Pantone (purple)

Officially selected as the color of the year 2018 by the standards provider of the design industry, this color ultraviolet is going to be the one color that is going to rule every industry. If you are an ardent fan of Friends English series, one cannot forget the color of Monica’s apartment door that had the yellow frame. This is that exact color, am talking about. So this is the most subtle and cool color that is pleasant to the eyes. Opt for this tone to make your flats in Chennai stay in the trend and also infuse peaceful environment for the unit.

Olive Green

Everyone would be aware of the pista greens that one can find among most of the residential units. But the green which, am talking here is the one found in the olives. This green looks rich and any unit situated near to lush green gardens one with nature. For instance, the villas for sale in Chennai located amidst the OMR lanes with lush green garden spaces would be an ideal example for zeroing down on this color. Other than providing richness, your unit opens up to a larger greenery area and hence provides healthy environment ambiance to dwell in.

Indigo blue

Another tone that can bring in the lavishness just with the look would be this coloured wall paint. Usually, the royal blue wall paints may not be preferred by many due to its bright tone. But this shade plays subtle and spades just richness among any space. To make your room feel cozy, cool and rich just opt for the strokes of indigo blues without any second choice. You won’t regret it. Compliment with minimal ambient lighting that would complete the lavish ambiance.


A variant of blue shade that has ruled the year of 2017 continues to be a favorite among most of the design industry stalwarts would be this color. If you are planning on experimenting with bright-toned colors, this would be the perfect option. This color has the capacity to make over subtle dull room come alive with its bright tone. Opt for this color for your bedrooms and kids room especially to give refreshed ambiance.

Colors always have a major role to play in deciding the look of the unit and hence choosing wall paints is also equally prominent. Stay in the trend by opting for the colors used in the industry and make your units stand out from others. Also try the latest design techniques for wall paints decoration.

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