Common Interior Designing Blunders to Avoid in 2018

Common Interior Designing Blunders to Avoid in 2018

When it comes to interior designing, it is not obligatory to hire a professional interior designer  and shell out a lot of dough for it. To give a makeover to the home interiors, we need not be a pro. Just a sense of aesthetics and colors can do wonders.

On doing it by ourselves, there are a lot of mistakes that we make and we end up ruining the decor. Designing the interiors need a lot of planning and careful actions to deliver a look that we dream of. In this article, let us look at the common blunders that we can easily avoid while designing the interiors.

Some Interior Designing Blunders:

Misinterpreting the scale:

This is the most usual mistake that people do while designing the interiors. In an effort to give space for everything, we tend to make our home look cluttered and messy. While planning for the same, we should maintain a perfect scale in such a way that there is space to move around and accentuate the decorative elements.

Another common mistake is using large furniture and decor elements in a small room, which results in a clutter in space. We should plan with the right scale and proportion to deliver the ideal aesthetics to the home. In my flats in Pallavaram Thoraipakkam Road, the living room is quite compact, and I have changed all my big furniture elements to small cozy ones to fit the space available.

Going out to shop without planning:

Setting a budget before going out to shop and pick things for the unit is really essential to achieve the ambiance of any best apartments in Chennai. Random improvisation on that part would not work well. Also, map out where the elements would fit in the living space to make the shopping experience time and cost efficient.

Painting without picking the fabrics and upholstery:

Most of us do not think about the fact that fabrics and upholstery need to blend with the paint shades of the home. To eliminate the oddity of a two distinctive elements, it is essential to plan what type and color of rugs, curtains, and upholstery we are going to bring in. It is advisable to get the furniture first and then start with the painting sessions.

Not asking for help:

Many of us don’t even consider other opinions and advice that our friends and family provide. We can inculcate even greater ideas by mixing and matching with several opinions rather than having just our own.

Ignoring the importance of focal points:

We often tend to forget that every space has a focal point and it can impact the whole aesthetical form of the space. We need to create a point of focus that draws the attention of the visitor. This also helps to enhance the functional aspects of the space. It is easy to identify a focal point for a large space.

Placing photos and paintings in the wrong way:

Refrain from putting up pictures and paintings too high or low. This placement can impact the looks of the wall and make it look different from how they really are. Do not clutter all the decor elements in one single space.

Not expressing personality:

The living space should reflect the tastes and characteristics of the inhabitants. Be open to experimentation and try to imagine the space with different styles of decor.

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