Designing Ideas to Pinch from the Chettinad House

Designing Ideas to Pinch from the Chettinad House

The dream of laying down the first stone for your home that you invested all of your hard earned money is close to the heart. This applies to those who prefer dwelling in self-designed individual villas in Chennai. Nonetheless than the flats in Chennai, which opens opinion for only interior designing, spending on the independent villas would provide the most accurate dream home for anyone. Talking about the designing, one cannot forget the level of opulence that South Indian Chettinad house offers.

An ideal example for this can be the Chettinad house that is bound to be the epitome of exquisite living which happened in the early 18th centuries itself. Still, the interiors and the magnificence one can witness from the Chettinad house in the interiors of Tamil Nadu can never be compared to any other designs. So here are some of the suggestions that can be used for these extravagant interiors for a villa in Chennai.



One who has visited the Chettinad house in Karaikudi must be sure to have known about the richness of every home that starts right from the entrances. The heavy embellished work on the giant-sized doors in these days would have surely caused a heavy toll on the budget for sure. With the use of real wood, heavyweight strongest doors with intricate designs that would have taken months to design would welcome any guests in the Chettinad house. Though designs, as detailed as those days, could not be available, the wooden doors with simple designs for your villas are sure to feed enough ambiance of luxury in your home.

Athangudi tiles

We have lots of tiles, which goes as the best flooring option but the best part about Athangudi tiles is they are handmade by the craftsmen which are again burnt and glazed to become the tiles. These tiles became famous for the simple yet beautiful designs that it comes with that can even be matched with the decors of the unit. Not only among the villas, try to make use of these tiles as an option even for your residential apartments in Chennai to get the contemporary antique look. These are the ones that are manufactured in a village named Athangudi and thus the name was offered to the tiles. Having available in varied bright colors and designs, they are neither way too shiny or dull which makes it stand out from other tiling options.


The entire look of the Chettinadu house lies in the number of pillars that they have equipped inside. They have a practice of carving out designs even on the pillars that make the look more exquisite like the one of the doors. Any pillars supporting the roofs, in the courtyard, in the “Muutram” were intricately designed to impart the luxury look. Other than the lavishness it offered, these designs infused the look of a temple at home. Inculcate this idea even among the pillars of your dream home to suffuse divinely inside the home.

Building a home on our own would seem like a mammoth project when we look at it. Just get to know the basics of the interiors and the plenty of ideas available online to explore the opportunities that you can make use of while initiating the plan.


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