Effective Cleaning Techniques for a Cleaner Home

Effective Cleaning Techniques for a Cleaner Home

It is obvious that cleaning of a home a tiring process and living in a city like Chennai with busy roads is sure to cause dust pollution. This will eventually affect the residents of flats in Chennai in the form of dust accumulation. There are increased chances of getting affected by dust allergy due to this increased dust accretion. Any room of a home is not spared and one can see the dust particles layered on every object every day. The only solution to overcome this accretion is to clean the rooms on a daily basis to have a dust-free home. Here we suggest some of the simple and as well as effective cleaning techniques in the most used rooms-kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Living room

This is the room where one spends most of their leisure time and also this is the room that is exposed to the roadside. Eventually the amount of dust it receives is also comparatively high when compared to other rooms. Especially apartments in Chennai closest to busiest roads are more prone to receive more dust accretion. Hence it requires much care and more time for cleaning. This is the room that will contain more furniture’s, photo frames and electronic equipment’s. For this, it is better to evacuate unnecessary furniture to evade accretion of dust. If you are fond of using a carpet, try having a carpet cleaning machine to vacuum the dust from the carpet. Using a separate machine for the carpet treatment is effective than a usual vacuum cleaner. Rearrange your books placed at the shelves frequently to give a refreshing look and also prevent cobweb formation. These book shelves need to be cleaned with a damp cloth once in a while. Also do not over-crowd the shelves with more number of books. It is advisable to free the space by removing old books that is no longer in use. Finally give a thorough vacuum cleaning to every nook and corner of the room. Make sure that this process is carried out at least once every 12 months.


This is the place that needs utmost attention among every other room. Hygienic kitchen ensures a healthy living of the inhabitants. Thus, it is necessary to keep away any form of dust especially in this kitchen. To start with, clear any appliances that are no longer in use inside your kitchen space. This may be unused table top grinder, mixer or anything. This will thwart the cluttered look of kitchen. After clearing up the space, start off the cleaning techniques from the stove-top and burner caps. Usually these are the oily spots that would take time and energy for cleaning. For the easy removal of these stains, prepare a mixture of salt, white vinegar and baking soda and let it spread over the spots. Let it stay for a while and clean it with soft cloth in circular motion. This would remove every stain in a single swipe. Now moving on the storage section, which is the fridge. It is obvious that sometimes a fridge produces smelly odour. This is solely because of the presence of spoilt veggies and fruits that are not removed on a timely basis. For this, make your own non-toxic cleaner  from the things available at your home. Mix two parts of hot water with one part of vinegar and add some lemon oil. Have this mixture inside a spray bottle to facilitate an easy cleaning techniques.


Like any other room, clear off the unwanted things from the room that has occupied space in all of 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Chennai. That is, clear the unnecessary clothes from your wardrobe to have a clutter free look. Prefer to hang your clothes in a hanger to prevent piling up. Dust off the wardrobe frequently to prevent cobwebs formation with feather duster. Make your mattresses dust free and fresh by sprinkling bi-carbonate and vacuum it. Cleanliness is an essential factor for leading a healthy life. Neglecting cleaning techniques will eventually cause heath issues. It is advisable to always have a cleaner surrounding rather than living inside a tainted and unhygienic place. Here are the Possible way to Craft Easy to Clean Home so, that this cleaning process would not take much of your time.

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