Elements that Make a Small Apartment Look Big

Elements that Make a Small Apartment Look Big

These days, small apartments are affordable and practical for nuclear families. Are you one of those members who worry about your small apartment looks? You are at the right place to know the creative ways to make it look bigger. Most people who live in residential apartments in Chennai have no time to organize their house due to heavy workload at the office.

Turn your Small Apartment Look Big

Making your 2 BHK flat to look larger is easy if you have innovativity and creativity. Also, at the end of this article, you’d know to make your room feel larger just with the fundamental elements like floors, walls, windows, and doors.


Style: Multiple flooring styles are for larger spaces. Different flooring styles to define each room suits only for larger apartments. This is not a good idea for small apartments. Choose one simple style for all the rooms. This gives a continuous flow between rooms and the apartment looks large as well.

Size: While choosing board sizes, larger boards are good for timber floors. For tiles, choose with large patterns and designs. The room looks open and extensive with fewer grout lines.

Rugs: Rectangular rugs are for larger spaces. Choose round shaped rugs to match your ‘curvy’ furniture as well. This outlines the area around it and takes up only a little space and makes the floor look larger. This is best suited for small houses as well.


Walls: Pale and pastel shades are well suited for small apartments. If you have 1 or 2 BHK flat, painting the apartment in paler shades like white, beige, and other pastel colors looks big. Also, go for one cool color for the entire apartment. Or tone-to-tone brings visually larger view when different shades of the same color collide.

Corners: While painting the corners of the walls, go for a bit lighter shade than the walls. This applies to doors too. If you paint the walls with pink, go for pale pink for the corners. This creates a wider view of the room as a whole.

Ceilings: Light and soft shades would go well with ceilings. If you don’t want to paint it, then purchase designer patterned wallpaper and fix it. So the room includes the ceiling in the view as well. Including the ceiling in the decorative view would make the room larger than it is. Paint stars with neon or wallpapers with simple patterns are enough for the ceilings to go well.


Windows lends a helping hand to the room glow with shine. Having one or two windows in a room lets in shine inside the room. Let’s see how to do it with perfection.

Colour: windows should match the wall color. If your walls are painted with Iper beige, then paint your windows with gold beige to even out both. Having both the walls and windows of same shade would have a flawless look. This brings the illusion of space in the room.

Curtains: Some people need curtains. While purchasing curtains, look for the one which is longer. Hanging curtains high from the window pane to floor gives the illusion of height. This makes your room look even bigger. Also, choose light colored curtains to let in a good amount of sunshine. It is always better to go for white curtains to get the full amount of sunlight inside the room.


Other than the decorative items and accessories, only doors could make a huge difference in spacious living.

Removing: Simply just eliminating a door would do a great work in the expansion of space. Sometimes, having a door between two rooms would be useless. Just choose that door and remove it such that it gives an illusion of free-flowing space.

Otherwise: If the above-said option seems rude, opting for sliding doors at least helps in eliminating the swing action. This is because of every inch matters in small spaces.

Colour: while painting the doors, paint it with a lighter shade than the walls same as the windows. This theory is not only for windows but for doors as well. Imagine you painted your walls with blue. Paint the doors with pale blue or baby blue. By doing so, the doors never exit out of the theme. So the entire room with doors and windows are included in the vision. This makes the room look bigger.

Just remember this mantra, light shades for walls, lighter shades for doors.

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