Everything You Need To Know About Bay Windows

Everything You Need To Know About Bay Windows

What are bay windows?

Bay window is a setup where a combination of windows is extended outside the normal structure to maximize aesthetics and functions. The combination of windows is placed at an angle or curve in such a way that there are two side windows and a central window. In this setup, the fixed central window is parallel to the structural wall and the side windows are placed at an angle that is feasible. Double hung windows or casements are mostly used to make up static or mobile bay windows.

How are bay windows usually utilized in a home?

Bay windows are often placed in the largest rooms in the home- which could be living rooms or master bedrooms. With a sill area that is deep, they are generally utilized to grow plants owing to the natural light and ventilation they receive. In some cases, the bay window sill is furnished with cushions to utilize the same as a cozy seating area. Due to their complex form, size and difficulty in setting up, bay windows are one of the most expensive types of windows. Still, Alliance Group has apartments in Pallavaram with bay windows in every unit for the residents to enjoy.

Perks of having a bay window setup in your home:

Entry to natural light:

Apart from providing a panoramic view, bay windows would beautifully allow natural light to pass through and illuminate the space inside. By optimizing natural light and minimizing the use of light bulbs, energy consumption could be reduced which subsequently cuts down power utilization bills.

Augmented natural ventilation:

With two operating windows on either side of the central window, they could allow the breeze to come through from both directions and ventilate the space inside the room. Again, by allowing natural cross ventilation inside, the power consumption of fans and air conditioners could be drastically brought down.

Aesthetic adornment:

One of the primary functions of bay windows is that they would induce a certain kind of aesthetic value that is beautiful to look at. A bay window setup would appear pleasant from the inside and also from the outside.

Brings in that extra space:

As bay windows are mounted projecting outward with a deep sill space, there comes an additional space to the room which could be utilized as per the needs of the dweller. Floor space of the room would improve by few feet in length, and if they are used as a seating space then there would be no need of furniture that takes up valuable space in the room.

Increases the value of your home:

With a number of versatile functions that range from aesthetics, ventilation, natural light optimization and extra floor space- bay windows eventually add significant value to your home. When you decide to sell your home, the value of your property would increase more than you could imagine with this simple architectural addition.

Now that the advantages have been discussed, it is essential to go into the flaws that come with installing a bay window in a home. Curved angles and distinctive shape of these windows would make it really hard to mount new hardware when required and it would require a professional to do the same to avoid damages. As natural light is allowed entry inside the unit, use of expensive energy-efficient glasses is necessary. And the structure over bay window frames should be supported well to avoid sagging and leakage.


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