Home Office Space Set Up Ideas For Small House

Home Office Space Set Up Ideas For Small House

Who do not want to work in a more comfortable space? And what can be more comfortable than your own house? Many people now prefer to work from home as a freelancer; this helps them to have a work life balance with relaxation. With the growing opportunity of freelancing many companies are hiring people from different locations as well as the people are able to handle the home with work.

Working from home can be very exciting, but comes with a big responsibility where only you will be answerable for all your work. Hence, the comfort of your apartment in Pallavaram should not lose your productivity. Your home office should include both the plush of home as well as the rigidity of office. This distinction has to be made in your workspace for the efficiency of your work.

Tips to make your home office an efficient and productive place to work

Design your space by yourself:

Only you can give yourself the space you desire for to complete all your said and unsaid needs.

Before you start with designing, first let’s make it clear about your needs to get a base plan of the design layout.

  • What is your job?
  • What type of equipment is required?
  • How many hours are you going to work?
  • Will external clients or any colleagues for collaborative work be visiting the space?
  • Which shifts are you going to work? Morning or night
  • Will you be making conference calls or video calls?
  • The most important one. Which space of your house can you use for your work?
Things to consider when you’re setting up:

There are some basic things which you need to consider before setting up the home office.

1. Space Location:

The space of the work is the place where you are actually going to spend much of your time, yet there can be some breaks when you can see other important things. This space should be isolated from the rest of the house to give you a distinct area where you can concentrate only on your work. The distraction should be limited and if you are expecting some client’s visit, then it is better to have a parted space.

2. Equipment:

If you are working at home, you need to buy all the equipment require for your work from the desk to the desktop, so it is better to invest it wisely. Go for strong, long lasting stuffs which can give you more ROI and do research before you buy anything, see the ratings, review, and applications etc of the products.

3. Invest in an ergonomic chair:

While working at home, your health is very critical. Therefore, the items you invest should be ergonomically designed to promote your health and well-being while using it.

The goal of working at home is to get a comfortable space and if we are going to stick to a particular it should be comfortable and ergonomically perfect. Some of the things to check when buying a chair, see if it has a seat and hand adjustments, your back is resting while sitting, legs are firmly reaching the floor, and better to have aerated back rest, etc.

4. Give your touch:

Do not only think of functionality keeps some part of your space to show your style. Give your wall a vibrant colour apart from office beige colour, place plants around, a cushion, or a rug, add some pictures, or if you love nature place your chair facing the window or door to enjoy the sceneries etc. Remember, that’s not an office it is your own house; you can do whatever you want unless it distract you from working.

5. Lights:

The lightings are very essential for the workspace, it is better if you can go for natural lights, place yourself near the windows. The sunlight can give life to any room, and makes humans feel healthy and inspired. But make sure that you do not get glare from the window.

6. Arrangements/Layout:

In a home office mostly we gave ourself a small space to adjust with, but still there many arrangements we can do to find places for all our things. Some of the office organization tips are installing hanging open shelves on the wall to keep papers and books, use vertical file folders on the desk to keep important papers within arm’s reach, use pencil cups or trays to keep all pens, pencils, etc in one place, use memo and business card holders, use drawer divider so that everything will be in place and at last a basket to keep the odds.

The common mistakes while setting up a home office

Here I have are five common mistakes which you can avoid while designing an office at your home

  1. No boundaries: Try to have a separate place of work or at least use a room divider to get rid of distractions
  1. Wire everywhere: Get a box to keep all the wire inside just a small opening to keep the plug out.
  1. Storage issue: Install hanging open shelves on the wall or get a drawer side table. Organize your things as stated above to get more space
  1. Light glare on screen: Try not to get a direct light from above or behind you.

Whatever type of work you do, it is easy to combine professionalism and house comfort. You try to keep the things around which inspire you and make you feel motivated.


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