Home Renovation Blunders you Should Avoid!

Home Renovation Blunders you Should Avoid!

A home is something that holds value and has its own characteristics that reflect the tastes of the residents living in it. While renovations are made to this entity to add more value to the home, there are few changes that might ruin its characteristics and thereby bring down its value.

Even when these mistakes can be avoided, people still tend to do it out of excitement to dwell in an upgraded place. It is important to be really careful of the changes you try to instil on a home as it holds a very huge emotional and financial value to it. Here are the home renovation blunders that you should take care of and avoid to ensure that the home retains the value without losing it:

1. Paying no heed to the market demand is a mistake:

Before you start planning the renovation process, it is advisable to identify the trends and demands that is causing a wave in the market. Only this can enhance the value of the property and bring in profit if you are planning to sell it in the near future. For instance, if you are planning to transform the interiors of the flats in Tambaram, it is vital to look at the market behaviour in surrounding areas like Chromepet and Pallavaram.

2. Avoid knocking down the walls:

Some people think that they can make the living space bigger and better by knocking down an intruding wall. This might also impact the structural strength of the home, if it is not planned properly by an engineer. For getting more space, you can bring in in-built storage spaces and eliminate cabinets and shelves.

3. Upgrading with a room on top without planning is bad:

Yes, it is a great idea to upgrade with a room on the top storey of the home as it is bound to provide that extra space and also enhance value. In reality, an unplanned action on the same line can easily affect the property’s worth. Also, just for the sake of adding a room, you cannot leave it just with the walls. This could make it look like a box and nothing else.

4. Two into one might not work out:

Planning to combine two rooms to transform into a larger one could feel like a great idea at first. But it might not be the way to go without planning for the future or if you are planning to sell the property in the future.

5. Finishes should be subtle and suitable:

When it is important to give a clean finishing touch to a renovated living space, it is also very important to not overdo it and ruin the home. It is advisable not to use really bright paint colours, oddly textured walls and peculiar flooring as it could be interesting to you, but might not plead another buyer in the future.

6. Unnecessary upgrades to the kitchen and bathroom:

You might think that investing in upgrade of a modular kitchen or a bathroom could add value to the property. But it is not a fact as the resale value does not rise up as these components of a home are not really considered as important ones. It is a foolish idea to invest so much in these and expecting a good return during resale.

7. Keep personalization on the low:

To personalize the living space, most of the people tend to overdo the designs and decor with their personal tastes. If you are planning to sell the property in the future, then it is not advisable to add too much of that personal character into the living space. The next buyer might not like it and it might ruin the chances of selling the property off.

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