How to deal with Sun-drenched Apartment Units?

How to deal with Sun-drenched Apartment Units?

South facing homes are believed to look well lit and bright. This is because this is the direction that receives increased intensity of sunlight. Eventually, this region would be the brightest and warm. According to Vastu Shastra too, apartments in Chennai facing South direction sell off soon than any other apartment unit. The reason behind this is that this direction is believed to be auspicious to start any kind of work.

There is an augmented demand for these apartments units which is solely due to the maximum reception of sunlight throughout the year. People prefer to get South facing apartment units often due to this increased demand. But how to deal with this increased amount of heat that is received directly from the natural sunlight? Read on to make the Sun-drenched Apartment units as refreshing as the ones that directly receives the reduced natural light. Here we have suggested some of the wall paint colours that make any Sun-drenched residential apartments in Chennai with South facing entrance with subtle and chilled out environment.

Colours that balances a rooms’ temperature:
Shades of Blue:

Bluish-grey: A tint of blue combined with the elegant blues would get rid of the warmth given by consistent heat wave entering a room. Especially, living rooms can be painted with this colour palette to have a balanced room temperature. The cooling effect of blue colour coupled with subtle shades of grey would complete a classic living room.

Watery blue: Another shade of blue which plays subtle and gives a cooling effect would be this watery blue wall paints. They create an effect of underwater effect which gradually balances the heat of a room that comes along with the entry of natural sunlight.

Silvery blue: People who prefer to have both cooled down effect with a tint of luxury touch, opt for silvery blue. Other than using it as an option for wall paints, select all your window shades, furnishings, carpets and rugs in this colour. This would eventually craft the look  of lavish luxury flats in Chennai.

As a general instruction, compact small sized rooms can be painted with shades of blue to avoid heating up. To be precise, paint opposite walls and ceiling with the blue shades to cut down the heated temperature of a room. On the other hand, these any small sized rooms would appear to look bigger if painted with these shades.

Another interesting option to reduce this effect would be greenish-turquoise. Maintain a subtle and muted colour tone rather than bright colours. This would help in creating a peaceful and serene environment that would boost up the chillness inside apartment units.

Another shade that has the cooling capacity similar to that of blue is grey. This shade of colour eventually brings down the temperature thereby spreading cooling effect for the unit. Any shades of grey would be suitable for any room and hence do not hesitate to try out this shade.

Even luxury apartments in Chennai have this problem of having a Sun-drenched apartment spot which eventually heats up a room. To evade this heating effect inside a unit, try to adopt simple ways that would boost up the vibe of the apartment unit.

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