Tips to expand the space of 2 BHK apartment

Tips to expand the space of 2 BHK apartment

Though the fate of real industry keeps varying from time to time, the constant need to settle with own home or apartments in Chennai never ceases among most of the residents of Tamilnadu. This want of people has always given a positive face for real estate every time. With this augmentation of constant need, most of the Chennai builders have deployed their projects in real estate hotspots. These are the areas which demand comparatively higher finance than other areas. While people usually aim to obtain any unit amidst these hotspots, most of the time it would be just 2 BHK apartments that would be available among these areas because of the increased demand. Having a family of four and settling down for these 2 BHK units would seem a tough task. But here are few techniques to change your opinion on buying 2 BHK units to accommodate a family of four.

Tips to expand each of your unit space


  • Color coordinate

Try to match the colors of all the decor articles inside the bedroom just to make the room look enlarged. When the similar shades of color are placed like groups the colors tend to minimize the space occupied eventually maximizing the size of the room. Also, similar color works together and creates a feeling of flow which also adds up to enlarge the look of a room without doing anything to expand the space.

  • Low furniture

Opt for furnishing with reduced heights. That is, go for the low lying furniture close to the ground. This set-up would ultimately induce the feeling of increased height of walls and ceilings. Trick the sight of your bedroom by this technique and impart an enlarged look.

  • Wall mounted shelves

This would be the best option to make your room spacious technically. Place designer hanging shelves instead of having large cabinets to save large space. Use this space to store anything from books, wardrobe, and even accessories in an aesthetic way to beautify your bedroom as well.

Living room:

  • Built-in shelves

Similar to the hanging shelves, the idea of built-in shelves also imparts a beautiful look and most importantly save quite a plenty of space inside the rooms. Especially, try this idea inside your living rooms to have an uncluttered arrangement of your essential objects for immediate access.

  • Multipurpose furnishings

With the gradual decrease in the space of the apartment units during the past decade, the interior design industry has been on employed in producing the multipurpose furnishings that can come handy at all times. These furnishings have more advantages that it saves space, can be used for multi purposes and also comes in a modern sleek design which occupies only less space. So it always better to invest in such furnishings.

  • Light color palette

Equip the living room with lighter color tone palette of wall paints  to make it look bright and also inviting. It has been proved that rooms with tones of white, pale pink, cream, and even beige induce cooler environment and makes the ambiance light. Obtaining any flats in Chennai is always a dream for most of the residents of Chennai. With affordability coming as a major factor, consider employing wise techniques to expand the space & get the best out of your investment. If at all spacious residing is of a major factor, one can always opt for the 3 BHK apartments for sale in Chennai that comes in affordable price ranges.

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