How to Pick the Ideal Front Door Material

How to Pick the Ideal Front Door Material

Front doors are a huge part of any house. The exterior door commands the most attention from your neighborhood. Likewise, it greatly affects the estimation of your property. Also, the front door material either villas or flats in Chennai must be exceptionally strong and sufficiently solid to withstand huge numbers of components. Other than these, it likewise adds a tasteful delight to the house.

When said about the elements above, the natural elements like rain, scorching sun, wind and other gatecrashers. The material of the wood is vital to withstand and protect you and your family.

Since the usefulness of the door is the essential objective, looking at the best material to withstand all these are important. Narrow down your choice from the options available in the market today and choose the best of materials.

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Most manufacturers in the city offer a plethora of door styles. You might find a plenty of collections at the stores and dealers. However, the most noticeable issue is that what it is made of. Most of the doors these days are made of wood, fiberglass, and steel. It is additionally essential to look for the qualities like sturdiness, security and the cost.

Here’s a list of most commonly used front door material and styles in this era


Wood is the most common material used for doors. This gives a high-end look and easy to repair the scratches as well. Wooden doors are more resourceful and beautiful. Oak, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, and pine are some of the types of wood. Wooden doors are the most popular front doors type which is easy to customize in regards to size, shape, and style. Though it looks elegant with class and beauty, it is quite expensive for its ornamental works and designs. In posh localities of Chennai, builders choose wooden doors to complement their effective construction of luxurious homes.

While it looks elegant, it requires a lot of care. It lacks the lustrous shine if exposed to sunlight frequently. Also, it is moisture-sensitive. To keep up the work of the expensive wooden doors requires a lot of care and maintenance to last longer.


Steel doors are the best choice if safety tops your priority list. Steel doors are stronger than wooden doors with no cracks and scratches. Choosing a steel door means you are potentially keeping the random gatecrashers far away. Steel panels on either side of the doors make them extremely strong. This obviously keeps your door firm and sturdy enough to resist unwelcomed guests. Besides these, the disadvantage of steel doors is that you have to completely replace the door if any damage. Since steel can get dents and likely to replace the material completely.


These doors are maintenance-free and known for its toughness. Fibreglass-composite doors have long warranties with the fine texture of wood like looks. They do have wooden edges and stiles and textures like oak, maple, and walnut materials. These can be a great choice for choosing the right color for your front door.

Fibreglass doors are for those people who crave for a bit more durability. With the right colors, these doors look beautiful more like a traditional wood. With varieties of hues and rich colors presents the perfect door choice for you. These doors are more durable and withstand the dents and nicks.

Although it is more expensive than the wooden doors, it will definitely pay you back for longer durability and sturdiness. Most builders in Chennai opt for the fiberglass wood doors with flush handles to design Independent villas in OMR. With such advantages, people are more satisfied with these benefits that they no longer worry about the safety.


The last material choice is that solid glass door. Particularly, these glass doors have significant pros and cons. They especially let sunlight inside the house which beautifies the house with a lustrous glow.On the flip side, the indoors can be seen and it is a disadvantage as per your personal preferences.

This would fall under the cons because of its visibility and see a materialistic feature; it also brings cold air during winters. Instead, people choose fiberglass doors than complete glass doors.

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