Ideas to Getaway from the Slippery Wet Bathroom Floors

Ideas to Getaway from the Slippery Wet Bathroom Floors

One of the underrated zones of every home that is least prioritized while it comes to designing would be the bathrooms. This section of the unit, be it villa or apartments in Chennai is actually given comparatively less importance due to its minimal usage. But many tend to forget that this is the same section that can cause some serious consequences when not maintained properly. Having a hygienic bathroom is as important as having an organized kitchen. Apart from maintenance, the risk factor that comes along with wet bathrooms is the possibility to skid off. Wet floors inside bathrooms prove to be a great threat anytime and here read to explore some of the hacks to ensure slip-free bathroom floors.

Installing grab-on bars

Evading the use of water and keeping bathroom water-tight is a tedious process. But any mishaps that happen due to the presence of wet floors can be reduced by placing grab-on bars. The rods that can be placed either vertically or horizontally inside the bathrooms to grab on while walking on the wet floors is the functionality of a grab-on bar. This placement would be of great help in homes with elderly people who find difficulty in walking. With only least cost involved, this method proves to be one of the effective solutions for slippery bathroom floors especially among the bigger bathrooms in the luxury villas in Chennai.

Installing good flooring material

Moving on to the material involved in crafting bathroom floors, it is always best to opt for floors that can give friction between the slipper and the floor. Slippery and smooth finish floors would not provide this friction and can easily slip away with water. Hence the selection of flooring plays an essential part is shaping up a safe bathroom for everyone. Opt for material that comes along with the tag slip-resistant, which prevent any mishaps.

Use of bathroom mats

This method is adopted widely in the majority of the households. Place cottony mats that absorb easily in the water-prone areas. This includes just outside the bathroom, near the bathtub and outside the showerhead enclosure. Placing of these mates would complete the safety check of this room. It is better to opt for a material that absorbs water quickly. Dry up the legs with these mats and walk away with utmost safety without any fear of slipping off the floor. As a suggestion, match the color of the mats with that of the color combination inside the bathroom. This would complete the lavish look and give a neat looking bathroom.

Proper drainage

Always keep a tab on the drainage process of the unit. Do not let water stagnate inside the bathroom that can cause slippery floors. Water that is being used should be able to drain away immediately. The drainage process should be designed in such a way that water flows effortlessly towards the drain. Making a slight slope would aid in this process.  Also, forget the usual round or square drainage holes that allow only minimal water at a time. With the modular accessories in every aspect of home décor, there are elongated superior quality drains that maximize the flow of water into the drains preventing wet floors.

As a final check, ensure the room is well lit with proper lighting sources. As usual, it is better to opt for the LED lighting option rather than the usual ones that can save up the cost in every aspect.

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Concentrating on every segment of a unit would craft units that are a dream place to live in. Enjoy the facilities that can the equipped to give a complete look and lead a happy life.


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