Important document checklist : For Buying Your New property

Important document checklist : For Buying Your New property

Days are passing with all the procedures to buy a property in India. A blow of excitement with a little concern is overwhelming us. Getting the regular update from your selling party makes you feel relaxed. But still, you need to check the documents and the proceedings, so that you can step forward without missing anything behind. And they are going to be your proof and future security. Try to be conscientious on passing all the document activities.

After checking out with the property, apply for the loan and legal approvals. The next step is to clear the paperwork. There are some important documents, which needs to give a check while buying flats for sale in Chennai.

This quick checklist guides you to overcome the transactions.

In order to buy new flats in Chennai, you need to verify these few important documents.

  1. Personal details

All the personal details right from aadhar number, PAN card details, address proof, etc needs to be collected from the buyer. It would help you in the emergency. So, aggregate all these details, which are personally related to you.

  1. Sales documents

It is the profor selling the property. Act as a registered document for the action of transferring the property ownership. You have to check up all the terms and conditions, which will be under the mandatory field. It’s the source of evidence showing the measures behind the property shift.

  1. Plan of the building

The sketch of the building you are going to take over needs to be verified. Before finalizing the deal, please have a look and make sure whether it is approved by the locals or not. Receive the property blueprints, layouts and all the utilities to decide on.

  1. Khata certificate

The government certification required for registration of the property transaction. They are kinds of certifications enclose two different sections to categorize the properties. A & B certification –  Khata A and Khata B, the former is under BBMP jurisdiction, and the later under the local Jurisdiction. Khata certificate is an important document in getting your property registered.

  1. Completion and occupancy certificate

The completion certificate will be approved by the municipal authorities, on the entire completion of the property. And the occupancy certificate is endorsed by the local government agency to educate you on the good living condition. Also, they can help you in getting your bank loans. Let you get your water supply, sanitation, and electricity supply application easy.

  1. Encumbrance Certificate

You can source this certificate as evidence of monetary and legal liabilities. All the registered transactions are about to come under this certification.

  1. Mutation certificate

The document reveals the owner of the property in the government records. A change in the ownership details from the former to the later. This mutating action records changes the title of the owner and charge the taxation of the property for the current owner.

Though we are happened to handle the situation, you need professional support to run out of risk. Get a good lawyer to manage your entire document authentication. He or she can handout with useful opinions. When I booked a residence in Flats In Tambaram, the CRM team helped me in passing through the whole process. They are capable of clearing out the property transference. Hire them to guide you with your new property.

Hope this article helped you in clearing out the document verification. Advance wishes to your new property.

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