Is your home Devoid of Natural Sunlight? -Read this first.

Is your home Devoid of Natural Sunlight? -Read this first.

A high rise apartment consists of higher floors which have a huge list of positives and one of it is natural sunlight. Higher the floors, there would be maximum ventilation, an increased amount of natural sunlight and many more. But this is not the same when considering a cluster of high rise buildings that are located inside the gated community apartments in Chennai. Usually, the lower floors of these high rise apartments receive comparatively less lighting when compared with the top floors. This is because of the concentration of more number of buildings within the gated community. Although people of Chennai prefer lower floors for various advantages it has, this negligible problem can be easily covered with some inventive hacks that can make any unit bright and airy. Read on to know more about making any unit bright with natural sunlight.

Glass doors 

Installing glass doors for the frequently used main doors can amplify the intensity of light entering the unit. Opt for the doors with rims that can handle the material of doors very well. Not only for the doors, this can be implemented to the windows as well that take up most of the space. This certainly increases the brightness with the transparency of the glass material. Usually, people opt for fifteen pane door look and compliment with five pane sidelights. This would fulfill the requirement easily. On the other side, for those who care about privacy, opt for reed glass which allows an influx of light but at the same time not much transparent.

Make way for windows

Now that doors allow a great deal of intensity, not every door can be installed with glass material for having a proper intensity of light. This can be overcome by having windows that allow ventilation along with proper lighting. Usually, the rooms of apartments in Chennai would have 2 windows. But to have proper cross ventilation and entry of natural sunlight, four windows would be idle. Similar to doors, it is better to opt for glass material to have full access to the natural sunlight. Make sure that the selection of window space would be useful among the kitchen and living rooms. Avoid allotting space for windows in bedrooms or any other room.

Mirrors make way for brightness

It is a known fact that reflections play a great role in brightening up a room. Place large sized mirrors at the place where sunlight falls inside your unit and amplify it by placing a mirror at that position. This would reflect most of the natural sunlight making any room look bright and vivid. As a suggestion, antique rimmed mirrors amp up the lavish vibe of any luxury villas in Chennai. Regarding sizes, anything can be used depending on the free space. So other than serving as a decor and makeup material, these mirrors take up the act of providing brightness.

While one cannot afford remodeling ready to occupy flats in Chennai that has been bought recently which could have cost so much, try installing these mirrors. Also, try placing these mirrors right at the place where natural sunlight light falls. This could efficiently reflect the light inside the apartment unit that makes it bright and lively. However if your home you should also prevent your house with too much of sunlight.

Not every property we buy could satisfy every dream of ours and change every negligible fault of the property that we buy is as simple as possible. Try investing in some of the creative sides to make any villas in Chennai or luxury flats in Chennai look aesthetically beautiful.

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