5 Latest Construction Techniques Used in Chennai

5 Latest Construction Techniques Used in Chennai

As the need and demand for housing and construction are growing at a rapid rate, there are already enough burdens on the builders and real estate developers in the city to coordinate with the pace with demand. This had to be done in a short and efficient timeline to consider a construction project successful. To keep up with the pace of this ever-growing requirement, modern and proficient construction methods have acquired traction. Some of the modern Construction techniques that have been introduced in the construction sector of Chennai are:

1. Construction with reinforced cement concrete:

In RCC constructions, the concrete used is furthermore reinforced using materials like fiber, steel plates, and bars. Load bearing capacity of RCC structures is stronger than normal concrete structures and they can endure more compression with the tensile ruggedness of the steel used for reinforcement. Predominantly used in high-rise structures, many apartments in Pallavaram are built with this method for better structural durability. This construction method also cuts down expansion and contraction due to thermal effects, while the usage of lime with water can make it resistant to corrosion which comes in handy while constructing in windy coastal areas.

2. Ferro-cement over pure steel constructions:

Another great example reinforced mortar, ferro cement construction features layers of cement put over layers of iron-based materials such as metal mesh and wires. Structures built with this technique are mostly fire, crack and earthquake resistant, making it perfect for lightweight construction that is used for over the roof structures such as water tanks. Comparatively affordable than traditional construction methods, even maintenance costs are lower in this type of construction.

3. MIVAN shuttering:

Featuring an MIVAN aluminum formwork system, this European construction method is finding its way into the construction sector in Chennai and other cities in India. Popular in Gulf countries, Europe and few parts of Asia; this technology is also being promoted in our countries most ambitious Housing for All by 2022 government scheme. In this construction method, first, a wall reinforcing steel is set. Aluminium formworks are cast all around a pre-made steel mesh and erected on the site. Then, prefabricated room-sized walls and slabs of the floors are erected by leaving spaces for windows, doors, ducts and other features like staircases and facade panels. Later forms are combined together with a safe pin and wedge form that can be removed after the concrete structure is formed. With several merits like better seismic resistance, durability, fast construction time, reduced labor use and smooth finish; the method also has its own demerits like visible finishing lines and fewer scopes of alterations in the structure. Many outstanding builders in the city, including Alliance Group are building flats in Tambaram using this same method and it is safe to say that the lifetime of these buildings is going to last through at least one generation and halfway through the next one.

4. Lift slab construction:

This staged type of construction can only be used for buildings that rise over four floors and it is still in the stages of the experiment in our country. Structures are built at the level of ground utilizing a medium to separate in between levels. Casting for lift slabs are done in-situ and the process are quick as most of the work is done at the ground level; thus cutting down transportation requirements and reducing money and manpower.

5. Cavity wall structures:

Being a predominantly hot and humid tropical country, this type of construction can be used to build structures in hot areas. Providing optimal heat insulation, it can be used to build structures that are to be completely air-conditioned on the inside such as commercial buildings. By leaving a calculated air cavity within the wall that comes between masonry leaves, a cavity wall base form is created. The leaves are then tied along with brick, metal tiers or concrete walls. The method is budget-friendly and also cuts down air conditioning requirements later.

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