Pros & Cons of Modular Kitchen Setups

Pros & Cons of Modular Kitchen Setups

The concept of modular kitchen is widely adapted among the residents of Chennai. This is due to various reasons along with the flexibility that is offered by this setup. This new age kitchen setup is tailor made to suit every kitchen dimension and type. It can be installed for any type of kitchen of any dimension, which makes way for its maximum usage. From ready to occupy flats in Chennai to under construction units, modular kitchen suits every possible space available. This flexibility is one of the chief reasons for its choice over traditional kitchen. Read on to know more about the positives and the negatives of having a modular kitchen before installing one.

Pro 1: Space Management

These kitchens replace the traditional kitchen setup which usually is has no sufficient space. With the arrival of these compact modular kitchens, one can efficiently arrange any number of utensils in even small available space. This is possible due to the presence of drawers and cupboards that can accommodate any utensils starting from small spoons to big pans. Hence use of this modular kitchen setup eventually aids in effective space management and organized kitchen that is clutter-free.

Pro 2: Easy Maintenance

Due to the quality of materials used, the maintenance of a modular kitchen is pretty much easy than a conventional one. Damage of the kitchen cupboards is prevented with the use of termite-proof materials. Added advantage is that it is easy to replace and clean frequently. Granite counter-tops and cabinets made out of BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) Plywood, PVC boards or steel panels are best suited for Indian kitchen. This is because these materials are water resistant and durable at the same time. Before deciding on the hardware to be used, it is essential to select good quality damp resistant materials. This would prevent rusting and growth of fungal due to constant moisture from wet vessels.

Ensure that the cabinets installed in moisture ridden areas like sink-cabinets have 1 mm thick inner layer of aluminium sheet to serve as a waterproof membrane. Cover the outer layer with the same finishing material that is used for overall kitchen to have a complete look.

Pro 3: Multiple Choices

Rather than having usual kitchen module with the same tiles, floor units, storage cabinets and drawers, modular kitchens offer various other facilities that can be installed. Small portioned cupboards can be replaced by tall storage cabinets for storing all the packaged food and condiments in one place. Also, availability of modular kitchen setups in varied colors and designs for diverse kitchen types such as U and L shaped kitchens makes it a practical choice over conventional ones.

Pros 4: Easy Installation

Modular kitchen setup is available in ready-to-install form which facilitates easy transport and installation. One can dismantle the setup anytime and transport it to other place without much difficulty. Also, there is no need of any carpentry works and installation processes, which saves the kitchen from dust and noisy hindrance.

Con 1: Comparatively expensive

It is obvious that installing a modular kitchen setup is comparatively expensive than a traditional kitchen setup. But this can be controlled by the required use of materials that cost less like light weight plastics. Opting for a modular kitchen setup is quite a smart and sensible choice these days. Spending a little more on installing a modular kitchen eventually paves way for a complete kitchen. Having perfectly designed rooms inside luxury apartments in Chennai with unorganized kitchen will eventually spoil the worth of the unit. Make sure that every room inside a unit is given equal care and maintenance while designing.

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