Quintessential Vastu Ideas to be followed for Unit

Quintessential Vastu Ideas to be followed for Unit

The time has come that every individual, be it North or South, has started to give importance on deciding the decors and arrangements with Vastu in mind. The concept behind Vastu has been accepted by people widely that every single furnishing or room that one is planning to design would first be ensured whether that is Vastu compliance. Also, the preference starts right from the selection of the property. People give prominence to those apartments or villa projects in Chennai that come with Vast compliant. With these much of importance that this idea holds, read on to know some quintessential Vastu ideas that should be followed in some of the important sections of your unit.

1. Bedroom

Both the placement of TV and the wall clocks should be in the same direction. Not only this implies comfortable viewing but this also has Vastu concept behind it.

2. Kitchen

According to Vastu concepts, it is better to place the gas cylinder in the South-East section of your kitchen. This concept is based on the placement of the element fire in that particular part which is safer for the unit. Another idea is that, place all the water jars and containers in the North-Eastern part of the kitchen.

3. Dining room

The best-suggested direction for placing your dining table setup would be the North-West side of the hall. This suggestion is based on the segregation of place for food inside your unit.

4. Colors of rooms

Deciding on the colors of the walls of the unit also has Vastu concept behind it and here explore the best suggestions for your rooms that are based on Vastu. This could be because of the influence every color has on the individuals. With colors that induce some of the feeling towards the residents, selection of colors for the unit should also be based upon these Vastu ideas.

5. Bathrooms

With Vastu concept in mind, evade playing with colors or getting creative for your bathroom walls. Just opt for light hues in the shades of blue rather than bright blacks, reds, and browns.

6. Bedrooms and living room

Eventually, most of the people prefer having either bright color tones or light hues for the living rooms and even the 3 BHK apartments for sale in Chennai. Taking into Vastu compliance, the living room walls can be of golden, yellow or any shades of white and yellow. The reason behind this is that this is color that represents the planet Jupiter and having this combination in the living rooms can be best for the people since it could bring about prosperity. Also, evade the use of black if at all you really want to be creative and don’t consider about Vastu.

7. Lighting

Yes. Even the lighting inside the unit can be decided based on the Vastu concepts. Any design or decor can come into existence or make an impact with proper lighting based on the Vastu concept. For instance, the bedrooms can have a soothing lighting and give highlights for the photographs just by using ambient lighting. This setup is nothing less of any star hotels of the cities. Use minimal lights and concentrate on providing the lighting only at the required places to give amplified importance. With Vastu idea, place any of the lighting sources at the East or North sections of the room to augment the flow of light combined with the positivity of Vastu.

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