Rug Maintenance Tips– Easier than You Ever Imagine

Rug Maintenance Tips– Easier than You Ever Imagine

Many people are buying the carpet or rug to decorate their home but the carpets are not lasting for a long time because of lack of proper care. However, there are people who to get rid of rug maintenance, they avoid to buy any. Forget these excuses- Now you can care the rug of Your Dreams – Lot Easier than You Ever Imagined and beautify your apartments in Chennai 

Carpet/Rug Maintenance:

Learn how to deal with carpet care problems with these great tips and keep it clean, fresh and enjoy it for years.

1.Be careful & avoid direct sunlight on your rug!

The Sun Ultraviolet ray causes rug’s natural dye to fade or change colour over time when exposed directly or indirectly. Using Curtains and blinds can give you the best protection; If possible use the glass with effective UV protection for extra care. If some part of your rag has already faded, then you can rotate the rugs a couple of times per year to evenly fade it.

2. Vacuum regularly:

Regular vacuuming will help to prolong the lifespan of the carpet and helps pick up dirt and debris before it sinks deep into the carpet. Avoid using beater brush on rugs.

3.Immediate action on stain:

Clean spots and spills immediately blot stain / spillage on carpet using a clean dry cloth as soon as the accident occurs. The longer the spillage / stain remains in the carpet, the higher the rate of absorption & chance a permanent spot will form on the carpet and also introduced bacteria and other problems associated with a spill.

4.Handle fringe on rug with care:

Sometime a single tuft can rise up from the pile surface (sprouting) or you can notice small loose ends near the corner, it’s safe to trim these sprouts with scissors. Please do not pull loose ends if any as this could result in making a hole in the carpet.

5. Deep cleaning:
  1. Deep cleaning rugs at least once a year is a good way to remove deep set dirt, dust, stain, pollen, and other micro organisms pollutants & to keep them in the best shape possible and to maintain its original appearance and style for years.
  2. Don’t add to the problem by allowing the use of harmful chemicals when using a DIY carpet cleaning product, read through the instructions carefully and start cleaning on some hidden corners to make sure the cleaning product is safe to be used  on your rug or carpet.
  3. Let the area rug dry thoroughly.
  4. Groomed after a deep cleaning to get the original appearance
6. Insect damage:

Carpet damage by moths and insect attack occurs where food, animal or plant substances are present near a wool carpet it can be very harmful if little maggot looking creatures grows, as it eat tracks in wool rugs. It is not easily visible, so to prevent it we can go for regular and thorough vacuuming, especially in areas around and under furniture that is not moved frequently, and along skirting boards.

7. Fluffing on new carpet:

For initial weeks, shedding of material fibre or balls of fluff may be observed. This is normal in a new rug, and it’s perfectly safe to vacuum up the fluff & will reduce with time & usage.

8. Deodorize:

Even when a carpet looks clean it can have harmful bacteria that give off an unpleasant smell. Ask about enzymatic cleaning products capable of eliminating – not masking the odours with deodorant.

9. Indentations from heavy furniture:

If your carpets are kept under a table then the indentations can appear on the carpet. You can place cups under the legs of heavy furniture and also shift your carpet regularly so the pile can bounce back. You can also use steaming process to revive flattened piles

10. Some other tips to carpet care:
  • Keep hot surfaces, fire places, excess water and sharp-edged objects away from rug
  • Do not immerse the carpet in any form of liquid not even in the water.
  • Place a doormat to reduce the amount of sand and dirt tracked into the home
  • Brush out any hair in one direction to remove big dust and avoid frizziness.
  • If you have small carpet then, take them out and give them a hard shake to remove the dirt.


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