Simple Guide on selecting Best Wood for furnishing

Simple Guide on selecting Best Wood for furnishing

Selection of good quality furnishings while decorating any rooms among apartments in Chennai would ensure rich look. Here comes the choice of furnishing material. Starting from classic looking wood for furnishing to low-cost and economical plastic ones, aesthetic use of anything would be giving the required look.

Here we would like to talk about wooden ones. Wooden furnishings were considered as the costliest and have to be used only by the upper class in the long past. But with the passage of time, people are loaded with many alternatives for wood. Though these alternatives come at affordable costs, the love for wooden furnishings never fades. Read on to know about different varieties of furnishing wood available in the market to lock the best deals.

Types Of Wood for furnishing:

Domestic wood

As the name suggests, this wood comes from the trees that are grown locally. Usually, pine trees are preferred for this. These trees are cut, processed with extreme care and designed accordingly in different shapes. Generally, domestic woods come at affordable rates when compared to other woods. While selecting any domestic wood, make sure that you don’t fall for the finishing. Any wood can be made to look like an expensive wood with proper polishing. Do not fall prey to this. Vendors are habituated to describe these woods with finer names. For instance, inexpensive woods such as pine tree would be described as walnut. These furnishings would merely have the color of walnut wood but come with comparatively less quality.

Imported wood

Wooden furnishings that are processed from tree species grown in tropical regions. Acacia, mango, rubber-wood or Sheesham- which is a type of rosewood are some of the trees most preferred for this process. Their branches and trunk can be used to craft any sturdy piece of furnishing.  Consider having a check about the locality where the trees were grown as trees from the humid environment are vulnerable to develop cracks early than those trees grown in drier regions.

Solid wood

Furnishings from this wood material are usually regarded with superior quality and comparatively higher cost. Furniture processed from solid wood is generally made from single large pieces of wood or single logs of wood joined together. Have a check whether any furniture made from solid wood is processed from a single entire piece of wood or logs of wood joined together. This would enable in assessing the cost of a single furniture piece.


Above mentioned solid wood are categorized into two kinds of wood material which are softwood and hardwood. Furnishings that are composed of trees that have less dense wood. Some examples of softwood trees are poplar, pine, and fir. Their trees grew fast but develop much softer a less dense wooden trunk. These furnishings are largely preferred because of the low-cost and easy availability.


Contrary to the characteristics of softwood, they are processed from trees that grow slower and eventually have dense wood. This would help in crafting furnishings that have higher resistance to cracks. Oak, maple woods, ash, Cherry woods and Walnut woods are few of the trees listed as hardwood.

With a lot of alternatives in the market resembling real wood, it has become difficult to differentiate between any furnishings. Have a clear idea on how much and what kind of wooden article you are about to furnish any ready to occupy flats in Chennai. Pay a closer look at the quality and origin of material if opting for wooden ones.


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