Simplest Ideas to make your Apartment Elderly-Friendly

Simplest Ideas to make your Apartment Elderly-Friendly

Setting a home equipped with every furnishing would enable a comfy living environment. In this process, the need to facilitate proper navigation without any difficulties should be of major significance. Talking about the walk-through inside the unit, a joint family that has a number of individuals eventually would require the careful arrangement of furnishings. This is because not all the elders of a joint family would be able to make a careful navigation. There are chances that they get hurt by cluttered rooms.

This careful placement of things not only applies to that particular room which is allocated for them but also to every other room to make it an Elderly-Friendly room. To craft organized rooms for your flats in Chennai, that would help every elderly parents and grandparent of your home, here we suggest some simplest inventive ideas for an Elderly-Friendly apartment.

1. Elderly-Friendly Bathrooms:

The possibility to slip-off wet floors would be augmented in case of elders. Hence bathrooms should be equipped with materials which would facilitate careful movement for them. For this purpose, install few grab bars inside bathrooms. These handlebars would help them to walk carefully and prevent slipping off the wet floors. Avoid equipping any cupboards inside the bathrooms which would augment the chances of bumping their head.

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2. Elderly-Friendly Living rooms:

It is safe to avoid any flooring material that becomes slippery with climatic changes. With the change of climate, marbles actually have slippery surface due to the accumulation of fog. This would make them difficult to walk and increase the chance of slip off. To prevent all these, opt for normal flooring options such as tiles which is pretty much not slippery. Also, equip with rugs or carpets to completely avoid this problem of slippery floors. Do not forget to make sure that these rugs are properly laid down and to prevent tripping off. Opt for comfy and soft materials of rugs.

3. Elderly-Friendly Kitchen:

Though the chances of elderly people using kitchen are minimal, do not forgo even small possibilities to make them feel comfortable. Equip the kitchen room with perforated rubber flooring which would have soft and springy surface while walking. This is because kitchen rooms are also susceptible to get wet floorings and this kind of perforated flooring would help avoid any tripping off the floor. Also for an apartment with elderly people, opt for open shelves without any sliding doors that cover the ingredients. This arrangement would help for those elders who easily forget things.

4. Elderly-Friendly Bedroom:

Do not crowd their bedrooms with too much of furnishings. Just a normal sized bed, a wardrobe for keeping their things and a cabinet to accommodate all their tablets would be essential enough to make up their bedroom space. Also while selecting the wall paint colors, choose light shades like pastels, beiges, and milder colors. This would enhance the soothing and peaceful environment. Talking about the curtains, play subtle and just opt for lightweight ones during the summer seasons and heavyweight warm ones during winter seasons to keep them warm.

With elderly people at home, there needs to be extra care and extra attention to make them feel special at the second childhood age. For this purpose make your ready to occupy flats in Chennai equipped with essential furnishings to give them calm and composed retired life.

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