Smart Ways to Utilize Bay Window at Home

Smart Ways to Utilize Bay Window at Home

Bay window is a protruding space inside of a window that is a beautiful design feature that has versatile uses. In most of the places around the globe, these windows are used as a Unique Selling Point of a seller because of the extra floor space they tend to provide. This space can be used in many ways especially among 3 BHK apartments for sale in Chennai and here we will see how they can be transformed into a functional and lovely space:

1. Integrate it into your seating plan:

Consider the bay window as an integral part of your seating plan, be it in the living room or the bedroom. If it is in the living room, the window seat can be furnished with cushioned seats and bedding to occupy guests when they visit your home. When this feature is in your personal bedroom, then make it a cozy reading spot to sit back and have a sip of coffee at ease. In Galleria Residences’ apartments for sale in Pallavaram, all the units are incorporated into bay windows in the bedroom for optimized usage of space according to the resident’s taste and wishes.

2. Augment as a storage space:

When bay windows are built in and not flexible to structural changes, space can be used for storage. In case of no view from the bay window, a cabinet can be installed over the bay window space and used for storage purposes. Finishing the window frames with the same textures of the cabinet will allow a blended look.

3. Include it in a bedside table:

If it is a small space, you can always include it as a bedside table by keeping the bed aside. Or else, if the width of the bay window is good enough, you can also include it as a headboard for your bed facing down from the bay window. The bed should be of the same height of the bay window for doing this.

4. Transform it into a work-space:

When the slab of the bay window is high enough to work as a table with power outlets nearby, then you can change it into a cozy workspace or a study desk.

5. Make it into a whole bed:

When the bay window is wide enough to accommodate a person, instead of using it as seating area, you can easily change it into a single bed. Try to put comfortable bedding in the bay window space instead of seat cushions and add some throw pillows to make it cozy and inviting.

6. Bring in a small personalized garden:

In your bedroom, you can also change the bay window area into a small garden space. Bring in potters, creepers and hanging pots to adorn the place with blossoms and lush green. This can make your bedroom look even lovelier. For instance, in these apartments in Pallavaram at Galleria Residences, the bay window space is just enough to hold a mini garden.

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If nothing at all works, just let it be and enjoy the view that the bay window offers. It is a versatile feature with so many functional abilities that can transform your living space and make it even better.

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