Tips to Avoid Cramped up Bedrooms

Tips to Avoid Cramped up Bedrooms

Storing up things inside an apartment or even villas in Chennai is quite complicated. This is because, even when there would be a vast number of options for storing things, the constant complaint that any homemaker would make would be in insufficient place. The sole reason for this is the lack of efficient usage of places of things to accommodate anything. Even smallest of sq. Ft flats can be converted to a haven for storing up any number of articles. Just make sure that you don’t spend way too much in the process of making this possible. Use of unused free space inside every room is potential enough to be converted as a storage place and bedrooms set the best example for this. Read on to know how to have organized bedrooms that accommodate storage places.

Under the bed

This is one of the prominent and frequently used techniques for a longer period of time. The beds are designed in such a way to accommodate a vast number of things. This is possible by having a carved out structure under the cot. Place any rarely used item inside this and access these things when required. Thus the problem of cluttered bedrooms would be completely evaded an also the unused free space under the bed is also efficiently put to use.

Combination of storage places

Making use of any particular furniture to satisfy two different purposes would definitely solve the problem of insufficient space inside the bedroom. For instance, the problem of accommodating makeup accessories is always an issue. Building a dedicated place for storing this would actually take up an unnecessary place.  To evade any such issue, carve out the place where you place the dressing table and place a door or sliding door like structure to that. Place any accessories here to prevent problems related to insufficient place.

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Up and above

This one regular storage idea that is implemented by people for years together can be efficiently used to store up many things.  Craft a space with wooden or any lightweight sliding door material that can cut off storing up of even dust and any pests. Also cleaning up this place becomes even simpler. While thinking of installing one, just make sure that this is placed away and right opposite to the beds. Anything that is installed right on the bed would increase the issue of getting bumped. This upward horizontal storage would occupy less space than the regular vertical cupboards.

Behind the bed

This technique would be possible in case of bigger bedrooms inside luxury flats in Chennai. Move up the bed towards the center of the rooms and place behind the bed cabinets that can accommodate the books and things that you would require on a daily basis. Even wardrobes at this juncture can be of great help to the residents. Opt for rich and wooden material that can ramp up the look of the room and compliments the bed also.

One of the universal ideas of having uncluttered clear rooms are to avoid cramping up too much of things. Less the number of furnishings and things less would be the issue to keep your room organized.

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