Tips to Care for Indoor Plants

Tips to Care for Indoor Plants

Plants can induce a stress-free environment inside the home by circulating the air and good vibes all around. But for the same, the plants should be taken care of with utmost consideration. Indoor plants are always good for a home and especially in the individual villas in Chennai and they can adorn the place with serenity and freshness. Here are some easy tips to care for the indoor plants:

1. Give attention to sunlight:

Plants should always get enough sunlight. They need it for the photosynthesis process and the intensity and duration of the sunlight impact their growth.

  • Do not place the plant directly in the path of the sunlight.
  • You can place them in a well-lit room with fluorescent lights as an alternative to natural sunlight.
  • Flowering plants need 12 to 16 hours of light each day and foliage plants need 14 to 16 hours.
2. Give them their place:

Most of the amateur enthusiasts move their plants around a lot. It is not good for the plants because they are slow in adapting to their surroundings. Do not move them from a brighter area to a darker one. If it still has to be moved, then it is advisable to move it to the newly decided place gradually. Place it in that area for an hour a day and increase the hours gradually as days pass. There are apartments for sale in Pallavaram with bay windows that are the ideal spot for growing small indoor plants.

3. Take care of humidity:

In a tropical country like India, plants need humidity to survive. Install a mini room humidifier that exudes mist and keeps it in the range of the plants. Make sure it is not too close, as it can make the plants wet.

  • A cheaper way to induce humidity is by watering pebbles in a tray and letting the water evaporate.
  • Fill distilled water on a spraying bottle and spray it on the plants for moisture.
  • Brown colored leaves and wilted plants indicate that the growing ambiance is not humid.
  • Or else, group the plants all together to enhance the humid condition.
4. Fertilizers are also important:

Use a balanced 10:10:10 (Nitrogen: Phosphorus: Potassium) fertilizer all the time for indoor plants. For these plants, soil nutrients and fertilizers are necessary. Re-potting is also essential for the plant to stay healthy. Cacti and other dry plants need special pits that drain water for preventing too much moisture. In my flats in Tambaram, all my plants are re-potted and fertilized for them to grow well.

  • Micronutrients for plants are provided through potting soil and fertilizers periodically.
  • For flowering plants, use a fertilizer with high potassium content.
  • For foliage plants, use a fertilizer with high nitrogen content.
5. Do not forget to prune:

A plant remains healthy by proper and regular pruning. Some plants need to be pruned at their roots at a regular interval. Without pruning, they tend to grow out of control and look messy in the home. Also, cut dead stems from the plants to avoid the bugs from infesting them. It is advisable to prune at a 45° angle from the node of the leaf to promote proper and healthy growth.

Regularly prune your plant. Certain plants must have their roots pruned at different intervals, so it’s important to read up on how often you should be pruning your plant. A plant that isn’t pruned can grow out of control, and the roots of a plant can outgrow their pot or vase. Regularly prune your plant to keep it healthy, and to prevent yourself from having to replant.

6. Know the limits:

People in India have a notion that adding used coffee or tea grounds on the soil of the plants is good for them. Plants with low tolerance to acids might get impacted due to this. This action will also attract flies and insects to the plants and make the pots a breeding ground for them. Also check the 12 Surprising Indoor Plants to Put you to Sleep 

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