6 Tips to Choose the Right Curtain for your Windows

6 Tips to Choose the Right Curtain for your Windows

It has caught my attention that most people think of every aspect of a home to make it their own in style and essence. And while covering all the vital aspects, most of them miss out the smaller and subtler things that induce a huge difference. One such subtle aspect that is missed out quite frequently is choosing the right window curtains. The right curtain could augment the aesthetical factor of a space quite efficiently. Right now, there is a greater need for the same to be considered as a vital aspect in making up a home. A wrongly chosen curtain could easily bring down the appealing factor of a room and make it dull. I recently bought one of the new flats for sale in Chrompet and it was pretty easy for me to complete my own home with the perfect set of curtains. Here are some tips from my experience to guide you through the process of getting the right curtain.

1. Blend it with the room:

To make it appear elegant and complete, it is good to choose a curtain that would appear like an extension of the space. But do not use the same type of curtains in all your rooms. Cover each room individually and make sure that the drapes blend in with the wall paint. Be patient in picking out and selecting the right ones for all your rooms.

2. Utilize the influence of contrasting colors:

This part might seem a little misleading as it seems to oppose the previous part in the discussion. To explain, the curtains need have the same color as the room to make it appear as an extension. Get out of your comfort zone and use contrasting colors to exude a distinctive vibe in the space. You could also try a similarly toned approach to adorn the room for giving it an elegantly appealing appearance.

3. Curtains with texture and patterns:

To bring on some life into your rooms, you could add effervescent patterns and rich textures. These patterns and textures could induce a sense of sophistication and liveliness quite effortlessly into space. Without spending a lot on your interiors, you could bring in vibrant patterns and plush textures just with curtains. Retro printed curtains and prints with Mediterranean accents are a blessing to the visual senses and it is advisable to make use of them.

4. Setting up the curtains in style:

Your action should not stop at choosing the curtains and just putting them up over the windows. Displaying the curtains in the most feasible and attractive way should be taken into consideration. Heading of the curtains characterizes the appearance and there are several ways to hang them. To bring in a cool and alluring appearance, make a ripple fold with the curtains. To adorn the space with vibrant richness, hang velvety curtains in an even and plain form.

5. Do not disregard privacy:

Curtains are not just for adornment and form in the living space. In fact, the crucial functions of curtains are to block the view from outside for privacy and provide a good view whenever needed. The fabric of the curtain and the weave patterns are vital features that characterize the functions of the curtains. Sheer light curtains look elegant and rich, but they make them translucent. Solid curtains used with sheer curtains could do the job pretty well.

6. Thermal insulation:

At cold places or during winters, it is advisable to install thermal curtains. These curtains keep the cold at bay. When the cold season passes, these curtains could be taken back to bring back the warmth of the sunshine for your own good.

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