Tips to make Homemade Household Cleaner

Tips to make Homemade Household Cleaner

With the augmented use of Naphthalene Balls chemicals in daily life, there is a sharp increase in the number of causalities that has been reporting in the city. The penetration of these chemicals has been augmented to a greater extent these days. On the other side, ways to overcome from these chemicals also have been on an increasing note to combat the ramped up unknown diseases.

Environment-friendly approach is getting popular slowly and people prefer such ideas to evade any side effects of Chemicals. In this article, read on to know about the preparation of household cleaner just by using the ingredients from your kitchen, only from the natural products and give a natural freshness for your apartments and even the independent villas in Chennai.

1. Universal ingredients of cleaning

Two ingredients that never fail to complete the task of cleaning the hardest of stains would be salt and lemon. Starting from the strongest rusting stains on faucets to the simple cutting board scratches, these two ingredients can be useful. Just rub some salt and lemon on the scratches of your cutting board that has been used widely and wash it with water. This household cleaner could easily eliminate the marks on the board and give it a new look. The same applies to the rust stains and the grease that does not leave your teapot. There are some technique for cleaning a Home  which you can try for an effective result.

2. Homemade moth-repelling materials

Mothballs are the usual ones that are used to get rid of bad odor. But did you know the material that it is made up of para-di-chlorobenzene that is harmful to your liver and kidneys? Or the naphthalene balls which are highly inflammable. To give a substitute for these issues, natural ingredients from your home can be used. Use aromatic cedar which is commonly available in the market as Juniper. This serves as an effective moth deterrent that is free from any chemicals.

On the other hand, prepare one by making use of rose petals, rosemary, vetiver, and lavender. Add some dried lemon peels too if possible. This combination could serve as a substitute for the naphthalene balls and give a fresh feeling wardrobe.

3. To remove clogged drains

These are the spots that never leave in most of the bathrooms and even in kitchen counterparts. Water that gets logged sometimes in the water draining areas can retain stains when the water is not drained properly. These stains can be easily removed by making use of the most used kitchen ingredient baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Pour and wash this segment with half a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of apple cider vinegar. Finish it by washing with hot water and letting it sit for 10 minutes of time. This treatment would give the area a completely new look.

4. Natural room fresheners

Kitchen sometimes oozes out odors due to the presence of various food articles. To evade this issue, place some dried lemon peels or orange skin, cloves or cinnamon sticks in a pot of water and boil it. This solution makes the perfect combination for making the rooms fresh in the most natural way.

Skimming out the chemical ways and bringing in the natural habits is essential to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Follow some of the simplest ideas that can create a healthy and hygienic environment for your best apartments in Chennai.

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