Top 5 Ways to Craft Vastu Friendly Homes

Top 5 Ways to Craft Vastu Friendly Homes

The concept of Vastu Shastra is widely followed by a vast number of people, especially in South Indian region. By practicing Vastu, people restructure or make small changes to their apartment units or villas. With this change of position and placement of certain articles, a home is believed to be filled with positivity, tranquillity, and peace. Apart from restructuring Vastu Friendly Homes, here we suggest some of the easy-to-do ways to bring in a sense of positive energy in every ready to occupy flats in Chennai.

Grow a Tulsi Plant

Tulsi is one of the most celebrated auspicious plants in South India. One can see this plant almost in every household mostly in the entrance or in the backyard. People use this plant for many purposes. This is because the presence of this plant is believed to bring in fortunes to a home according to Vastu. On the other side, it effectively filters any toxins present in the air.

Avoid mirrors in bedrooms

Usually, a mirror is believed to absorb positive energy and repel negative energy when placed without following any Vastu guidelines. Reflection of any body parts while resting in a bedroom is bad in accordance with Vastu Shastra and it also believed to cause health issues. It also develops conflicts between family members and rises disagreements. If this is not possible, it is advisable to cover the mirrors with a screen before going to bed every night to prevent any spreading of bad energy.

Place salt or lemon water

Consider placing salt in the corners of rooms. This placement is believed to absorb any negative energy inside a home. Generally, salt reduces the chances of heated arguments among family members by calming their minds and influencing their mood according to Vastu compliance. Do not forget to place it only in the corners to avoid spillage by children and pets.

A jar of lemon water

An alternative to salt is to place a jar in the living room filled with lemon water. Similar to salt, this jar of lemon water also kills the negative energy and harmful toxins present in the air. Other than this, it spreads a refreshing feel and cooling effect to the home. Do not forget to change the water every Saturday for effective results.

Avoid storing medicines in kitchen

Make sure that medicines are not stored in the kitchen area as they can increase the chances of health problems according to Vastu Shastra. This is because medicine is usually associated with health hazards, diseases, and sickness. On the contrary, a kitchen is a place where the nutrients that offer good health to the body is placed. Do not change this notion by placing contrary things.

Other than these ideas, to craft a Vastu Friendly Homes consider having a nameplate and a bell at the doorstep of your residential apartments in Chennai. Having wind chimes at the entrance of the home is also bound to bring in positivity into the living space. According to Vastu, these articles eventually find a way to induce positive energy.

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