Use Your Family Portraits as a Decor

Use Your Family Portraits as a Decor

A house ought to give the feel of a home when it is filled with family members. Such is the importance of people hold in shaping up a complete home. For this purpose, the prominence of the family portraits would also add so much of emotions. That is, every time one sees a photograph one would get remained of the memories associated with that. This is one of the ideas that can make a home lively and filled with numerous emotions. Now read on to know where to impart these articles that are held close to heart for every member of the family.

1. Between the way to staircase

The space that is occupied by the space that climbs to the stairs is often left unnoticed and empty. Filling up this area that remains underrated with the happy images of family members is always a great idea to light up the feel. This space would usually be noticed by many of the family members often and can bring up instant feels. Opt for this quirky idea and especially among the luxury villas in Chennai that is incorporated with in-house stairs.

2. Sidewalls

One of the inventive ideas is to carve out the walls of living rooms to place the most favorite pictures of your family just adjacent to the TV desks. This arrangement would ensure that every guest or every family member would look at the images when they look at television. So every time they look at these lovely images, the chance to recollect memories associated with every image would be reminded that would bring back good vibes.

3. Gallery

Dedicate a wall to create a gallery of images that reminds the best of moments of your family’s togetherness. Usually, this can be practiced in the bedrooms. A wall just opposite to the bed can be dedicated to this. This is because; the sight just when one wakes up in the morning can cause a good feel and bring back the emotions of any particular image. Also one can use a personalized image of a couple or a self-portrait as wallpaper in the wall behind the bed. This idea also serves a great interior. Lit up the gallery with small fairy lights that can also serve as a nights light.

4. Wall Hooks

What could be the best option than having wall hooks to support family portraits? Use of wall hooks can be explained by many design experts. These are the best solution for any design hacks inside a unit. Place just wall hooks in the places where ever you wish to have the family portraits. This idea is so much practical and feasible at the least cost. Do not worry about the presence of holes but there are many techniques to help you get rid of this issue.

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5. Clipped pictures

The bedrooms can always be used for creating a huge collection of Polaroid as memories. This effect will effortlessly ramp up the beauty of the bedrooms and give a personalized touch. One can see this trend that has been widely shown as in most of the web series and popular interior design look of the year that has passed. Bring up this effect in your bedrooms along with fairy lights that complete the dreamy ambiance of the room.

Pictures convey more emotions than people because it is those pictures that reminds the beautiful memories. Having the best collection of these memories at your sight would eventually create fee good ambiance inside your residential apartments in Chennai rather than simply making it sleep in your attic.

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